You purchase homeowner’s insurance in Maine to protect your home and a health insurance policy to safeguard your family’s health and well-being, so it makes sense that you should look for a pet insurance policy for your pets too. You may ask, “Is pet insurance worth it?”

When your cat or dog falls ill, it can cost thousands of dollars for veterinary care. That’s where pet insurance comes in. Veterinary expenses like emergency care, x-rays, and cancer treatments can be astronomical. Even routine care and check-ups, not even counting preventative care can empty your wallet rapidly.

Pet insurance in Maine gives you the peace of mind as a pet parent of being able to afford the vet bills and keep Rover and Tiger healthy from nose to tail. (For more information, read our “Being a Good Pet Parent Starts With Pet Insurance“).

Our team of researchers has gone over more than 30 pet insurance companies to make a recommendation for the five top providers of pet insurance in Maine based on pet insurance costs, pet insurance coverage, payouts, annual deductibles, claims processing, and customer service.

There are many well-known companies like PetsBest, Trupanion, and Nationwide, however today, we will be discussing the top 5 companies in Maine.

Getting a pet insurance quote is essentially the same as an auto insurance or life insurance quote. We will discuss several insurance agencies and their policy terms within the United States, making sure you receive the information you need to identify the best provider for your pet and budget.

Best Pet Insurance in Maine

Here are the 5 best providers of pet insurance in Maine:

  1. PetFirst
  2. Embrace
  3. PetPlan
  4. Wells Fargo Health Advantage Card
  5. Healthy Paws

Petfirst Pet Insurance

Petfirst offers coverage for dogs and cats at least eight weeks old with no maximum age for new policies. Known for also offering routine care coverage you can bundle with your major medical, PetFirst makes preventative care cheaper, ensuring your pet consistently has access to the best care for the best price.

The minimum premiums are well below national averages particularly important in Maine, and it offers discounts for multiple pets, not filing a claim, military and animal workers, and signing up online.

Petfirst also has a plan for senior dogs, which is unique in the industry but also quite expensive.

The company has an A+ rating from the BBB with few complaints lodged against it.

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Monthly Costs Starts at $16.95 for dogs and $8.95 for cats
Coverage Ranges from 70 to 90 percent
Payout Limits $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000 annually
Deductible Ranges from $50 to $500 per incident

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Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace is another great option for pet insurance in Maine. They do not have a specific network of vets. In fact, no matter where you are in the United States, whether in Maine or on vacation in New York, they will cover you if your pet becomes ill or has an accident.

You’re free to see any general, specialist, or emergency veterinarian, giving you peace of mind your pet will be covered no matter where you are within the United States.

As with any insurer, prices can be modified somewhat by lowering reimbursement rates or increasing deductibles, though this means a higher upfront out-of-pocket cost.

Policies cover cats and dogs between six weeks and 14 years old.

The company offers direct billing, which makes the claims processing convenient and easy, an outstanding feature.

Embrace has an A+ rating from the BBB, and the number of complaints (20 over 12 months) against it is far below average.

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Monthly Costs Starts at $13.04 for dogs and $8.98 for cats
Coverage Ranges from 65 to 90 percent after deductible
Payout Limits Coverage caps range between $500 and $15,000 annually
Deductible Ranges from $100 and $1,000 annually

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Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan is known for providing quality pet insurance in Maine.

Policies are available for Maine cats and dogs at least six weeks old and include the most comprehensive coverage options available.

Uniquely among pet insurers, Petplan covers hereditary conditions, which is a stand-out feature in the industry, and a pet health advisory line enhances its around-the-clock customer service for assistance with questions about your pet’s health.

Its minimum monthly premiums are well below national average monthly rates.

The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, with just 18 complaints lodged against it over the past 12 months.

Monthly Costs Starts at $29.16 for dogs and $18.19 for cats
Coverage 70 to 90 percent after deductible
Payout Limits $2,500 to unlimited
Deductible Ranges from $250 to $1,000 annually

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Wells Fargo Health Advantage Card

Wells Fargo Health Advantage card provides an alternative to traditional pet insurance.

Pet owners can apply for this card in the office of a participating vet.

Since this is a customized credit card offering, you don’t receive reimbursements for services, but there’s also no monthly premium.

The Wells Fargo care card is an alternative source of veterinarian financing that you can pay off on your terms.

However, Wells Fargo is still under a cloud of unfair practice claims and is not accredited by the BBB, which instead has posted several alerts warning consumers away from this bank.

Online press releases documenting the scandal list the Wells Fargo Advantage Card for pets among the services used to scam customers. It’s listed here to show there are alternatives to pet care.

You can ask your vet about other less well-known plans if you decide traditional pet insurance is not for you.

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Monthly Costs Starts at $13.04 for dogs and $8.98 for cats
Coverage Not applicable
Payout Limits Not applicable
Deductible Not applicable

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws offers one comprehensive insurance plan for cats and dogs in Maine, with pets eligible between eight weeks and 14 years old. This well known and loved pet health insurance coverage started in Seattle, Washington by Steve Siadeck and Rob Johnson, both with strong passions for helping homeless and adopted animals.

Their mission was to create an organization to help pet parents offset the costs of vet bills as well as help animal rescue centers provide medical care for their animals.

Healthy Paws covers many of the same conditions and illnesses as most of its competitors, and the company doesn’t balk at paying for covered congenital or hereditary complaints like hip dysplasia. With those types of conditions, there is the standard 12 month waiting period of coverage.

Policyholders can customize rates by increasing their deductible and lowering their reimbursement rate.

Its minimum costs are below the national average.

Healthy Paws is rated A+ by the BBB and has 27 complaints filed against it over 12 months, all of which have mostly been resolved or closed.

Learn More: Read our full Healthy Paws Review.

Monthly Costs Starts at $32.83 for dogs and $17.19 for cats
Coverage 70 to 90 percent reimbursement after deductible
Payout Limits Unlimited
Deductible Ranges from $100 to $500 annually

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Shopping for Pet Insurance in Maine

Luckily, Maine has many options for pet insurance. It’s relatively easy to get a quote.

Pet insurance in Maine offers reimbursements for medical or accident services for your pet.

As more people are beginning to realize the importance of covering their animals and purchasing policies for them, the rates are starting to rise.

Maine is one of the most expensive states when it comes to pet insurance, averaging $1,400 to $1,500 per year while the national median is between $1,200 and $1,300.

It is therefore particularly important for pet owners in Maine to shop around for the best coverage and obtain quotes from several insurers.

Several factors that influence cost include breed, age, species, health, and geographical location, with insurance in more populated areas such as Bangor or Portland likely to be more expensive due to a higher risk of injury or illness.

This review should help you learn more about some of the best pet insurance in Maine.

It’s important to shop around, read online reviews, and get quotes from several providers before deciding the best coverage for you and your pet.

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