Seattle, Washington State is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with a booming housing market to prove it. The diversity, art, music, and food scenes are second to none! What you may not know is that Seattle is one of the most saturated dog owner cities.

In fact, according to a 2011 census, there were more dog parents than human parents. It is understandable why pet parents are drawn to Seattle. It has dog parks, gourmet pet shops, daycares, and even Rover, the dog version of Uber.

Trupanion, a company we will discuss later is located directly in Seattle and Healthy Paws is located across Lake Washington in Bellevue, Washington.

We’ve evaluated the costs, coverage, claims processes, and customer experience histories of more than 30 pet insurers, helping you as a loving pet parent know not only is pet insurance worth it, it is necessary.

Before we dive in, it is very important to know that NO pet insurance company will cover pre-existing conditions.

Pet Insurance in Seattle

Here are the 6 best providers of pet insurance in Seattle:

  1. Petplan
  2. Nationwide
  3. ASPCA
  4. Trupanion
  5. Wells Fargo Health Advantage Card
  6. Healthy Paws

Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan provides comprehensive insurance plans for cats and dogs beginning at six weeks of age, with no age cap, which makes it particularly well-suited to older animals.

Petplan has received excellent reviews and is generally well-regarded in the industry.

Its comprehensive coverage pays for exam fees, which is a standout feature, and the company lets policyholders customize their reimbursement percentage, annual deductibles, and benefit limit combinations.

Petplan consistently maintains an A+ rating with the BBB, partially thanks to its commitment to an advertised 30-day completion of eligible claims and its 24-hour customer service.

Monthly Costs Starts at $29.16 for dogs and $18.19 for cats
Coverage Ranges from 70 to 90%
Payout Limits $2,500 to unlimited
Deductible Ranges from $250 to $1,000 annually

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Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide covers a wide range of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, and exotic animals.

It offers medical and wellness plans that start at $34.25 for dogs and $18.84 for cats.

An excellent option for non-standard pets, Nationwide’s Whole Pet with Wellness Plan is among the most comprehensive in the pet health insurance market.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive.

Nationwide’s low deductibles range from $100 to $250 for eligible services, and its 90 percent reimbursement rate is generous.

The company’s A+ rating with the BBB is undercut by the 300 complaints lodged against it.

However, that number also includes complaints against its other insurance product lines, and should, therefore, be taken with a grain of salt, considering the massive size of Nationwide’s non-pet related insurance products.

Monthly Costs Starts at $34.25 for dogs and $18.84 for cats
Coverage 90%
Payout Limits $10,000 to unlimited
Deductible Ranges from $100 to $250 annually

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ASPCA Pet Insurance

Crum & Forster administers pet insurance, and both companies are well-regarded in the industry.

The insurance covers cats and dogs at least eight weeks old but has no upper age limit for new policies, which is a selling point.

There are numerous ways to submit claims, including via mobile app, and an online quote calculator lets you compare the coverage against that of ASPCA’s competitors.

Monthly Costs About $23, varies widely based on pet and plan type
Coverage 70, 80, or 90%
Payout Limits Ranges from $5,000 to unlimited
Deductible $100, $250, or $500

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Located directly in Seattle Proper, Trupanion offers a one simple plan coverage option, helping limit the number of overwhelming health options you have to choose from.

Once you meet your annual deductible, Trupanion will cover 90% of your vet bills.

Not only will they cover 90% of your pet care, they will also directly pay your veterinarian once you pay your portion.

Most importantly, you will receive unlimited lifetime coverage without caps.

Monthly Costs Prices vary by pet breed, age and location
Coverage 90%
Payout Limits None
Deductible Per condition deductible

Wells Fargo Health Advantage Card

Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card is just for visits to the vet, for which pet owners can apply when they’re in the office of participating veterinarians.

This customized credit card offering doesn’t act like pet insurance, so there are no reimbursements or monthly premiums.

However, the Wells Fargo care card gives you control over how you pay for pet care.

The BBB does not rate Wells Fargo due to many charges of fraud and unfair lending practices currently under investigation.

Monthly Costs Starts at $13.04 for dogs and $8.98 for cats
Coverage Not applicable
Payout Limits Not applicable
Deductible Not applicable

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Located directly in Bellevue Washington, Healthy Paws offers a single comprehensive plan for cat and dog insurance, with an eligible age range between 8 weeks to 14 years of age.

Besides covering the same conditions and illnesses as other top insurers in the industry, the company pays for the treatment of congenital and hereditary conditions, like hip dysplasia. There is a 15 day waiting period on accidents or illnesses after obtaining coverage and a 12 month waiting period of hip dysplasia.

Healthy Paws’ plan includes more features than other providers’ premium plans.

Monthly Costs Starts at $32.83 for dogs and $17.19 for cats
Coverage 70 to 90% reimbursement after deductible
Payout Limits Unlimited
Deductible Ranges from $100 to $500 annually

Shopping For Pet Insurance In Seattle

Pet health insurance costs are continually rising, as the cost of pet care such as veterinary bills, health issues, vaccinations, medical care, and any other pet needs are steadily going up.

We all know or have heard of the dog who accidentally eats a sock or a nervous cat constantly triggering an idiopathic infection. Each visit to your local vet office or animal hospital can blow up your budget quickly.

It’s crucial to shop around for pet insurance quotes in Seattle and do your own research into the pros and cons of pet insurance providers as well as insurance coverage options. Getting the best policy for your fur baby and budget is of utmost importance.

Factors Affecting Pet Insurance Premiums in Seattle

Many factors influence the cost you’ll ultimately pay for your pet insurance policy, including the following:

  • The pet insurance company
  • The pet insurance plan you select
  • The annual deductible and reimbursement percentages you choose
  • Your pets age
  • Your pets health
  • Your pets breed
  • Where you live

Where you live within the United States also impacts your monthly health care costs. Unfortunately, Washington pet insurance is one of the most expensive states forvet bills, according to Petplan data.

Moreover, living in a major urban area like Seattle can further increase your costs since your pet has a higher risk of getting hurt here than it would in a rural location.

We know you take your role as a pet parent extremely important. Use the information in this article as the basis for your own research, and find thebest pet insurance in Seattle for your fur baby and your budget.

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