Having the right pet insurance policy in Pennsylvania helps you avoid the worry of paying for unexpected vet bills. We’ve all heard of or have had that sweet, mischievous puppy that eats part of your couch, resulting in an expensive animal hospital emergency care visit x-rays and surgery.

Or maybe your furry family member has a hereditary condition or cancer, both can be costly.

As a pet parent, you take your pet needs seriously. Having pet health insurance means protection for one equals peace of mind for all.

The costs of pet ownership and pet insurance in the United States and especially Pennsylvania are on the rise.

As a whole, Petplan lists Pennsylvania tenth for average annual expenditures, with costs totaling $1,402.31.

Whether you live in Pittsburgh or Gettysburg, we have gone through over 30 insurance providers, comparing their coverage, costs, annual deductible, claims process, and customer experience, to be able to present you with the best pet insurance in Pennsylvania for 2020.

We’ve made sure all the insurance agencies we discuss are brands you can trust with your pet insurance coverage.

Best Pet Insurance in PA

Getting a pet insurance quote is pretty much the same as other insurance services like a life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, or health insurance quote.

Make sure you’re finding medical care from a licensed vet, and no in advance, no pet insurance plan will cover pre-existing conditions.

Here are the top 5 providers for pet insurance in Pennsylvania:

  1. PetPlan
  2. Pets Best
  3. Figo
  4. Geico Pet Insurance
  5. Healthy Paws

Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan is a widely respected pet insurance company in Pennsylvania with a relatively low minimum monthly premium.

The price is very competitive, as compared to other companies of similar size and coverage options.

Policyholders can choose reimbursement amounts between 70 to 90 percent of expenses, and the range of different available deductibles can fit within a variety of budgets.

The company covers treatments for accidents as well as chronic diseases and holistic care.

With a five-day waiting period for accidents and a 15-day waiting period for illness coverage, Petplan has a more extended enrollment period than other companies.

Owners get unrestricted access to customer service with a live chat option and mobile app.

Petplan holds a Better Business Rating (BBB) rating of A+ and shows only 18 closed complaints over the last 12 months.

Monthly Costs Minimum monthly premium for dogs – $29.16, for cats – $18.19
Coverage 70 to 90 percent
Payout Limits Ranges from $2,500 to unlimited
Deductible Annual, ranges from $250 to $1,000

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Pets Best

Pets Best is a widely respected, budget-friendly pet insurance company in Pennsylvania with a minimum monthly premium that is slightly lower than the national average for both dogs and cats.

The coverage pays for up to 70 to 90 percent of billed expenses, depending on the reimbursement percentage the policyholder chooses.

Coverage extends to a wide variety of treatment and diagnostic procedures including prosthetics and mobility aids.

There is a three-day waiting period for accidents, a 14-day waiting period for illness coverage, and a seven-week age minimum which is relatively standard throughout the industry.

Owners can take advantage of the online portal and mobile app to file claims and manage their accounts.

Pets Best holds a BBB rating of A+, with 25 addressed complaints over the past 12 months.

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Monthly Costs Minimum monthly premium for dogs – $30.06, for cats – $16.52
Coverage 70 to 90 percent
Payout Limits $5,000 for Essential and Plus plans, unlimited payouts for the Elite plan
Deductible Per incident, ranges from $50 to $1,000

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Figo Pet Insurance

Figo is a national pet insurance company doing business in Pennsylvania with slightly higher minimum monthly premiums for both dogs and cats than the national average.

The coverage covers a minimum of 70 percent of the claim, but may also pay for 100 percent for certain unexpected accidents.

Figo covers non-routine dental care and rehabilitation services in addition to treatments, hospitalization, and diagnostic procedures.

Pets must complete a waiting period before coverage commences (5 days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses).

Figo has a user-friendly website that lets policyholders keep track of their pet’s health records and manage payment options.

Figo has responded to all the complaints on file with the BBB and shows an A rating.

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Monthly Costs Minimum monthly premium for dogs – $52.85, for cats – $28.99
Coverage 70, 80, 90, or 100 percent
Payout Limits Annual limits $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000
Deductible Annual, $10,000, $14,000, or unlimited

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Geico Pet Insurance

Geico is a competitive pet insurance company in Pennsylvania that gives owners a relatively inexpensive minimum monthly premium, as compared to the average national monthly cost of pet insurance, which is $44.66 for dogs and $27.93 for cats for accident/illness coverage.

The price for minimum coverage is on the low end compared to other comparably sized companies with similar coverage options.

The coverage pays for 65 to 90 percent of expenses depending upon the chosen reimbursement amount and includes medical and wellness plan options.

It offers an unrestricted choice of pet professionals for diagnostic testing and procedures, with some plans including up to $1,000 in dental illness and exam fees.

There is a 14-day waiting period for illness coverage, 48 hours for accidents, and six months for orthopedic conditions (dogs only), and the company insures pets between six weeks and 14 years old.

Geico users can take advantage of additional discounts by visiting the company’s website directly.

Monthly Costs Minimum monthly premium for dogs – $13.04, for cats – $8.98
Coverage 65 to 90 percent
Payout Limits Annual, $15,000
Deductible Annual, ranges from $100 to $1,000

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws is a top-rated pet insurance company covering pets in Pennsylvania with a competitive minimum monthly premium for both dogs and cats compared to its competitors.

Depending upon the coverage percentage the pet owner designates in his or her policy, they can expect 70 to 90 percent reimbursement of expenses.

Covered services may include diagnostic testing, surgery, hospitalization, alternative care, prescription medications, emergency care, and specialty care, but do not cover spay and neuter surgeries.

There is an age limit range between eight weeks and 14 years, which though broad does prevent you from insuring older pets.

Owners can often have a claim form processed within two days and paid via direct deposit or bank check.

With only 48 complaints for the last three years, Healthy Paws remains an excellent option for the Pennsylvania pet owner.

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Monthly Costs Minimum monthly premium for dogs – $32.85, for cats $17.19
Coverage 70 to 90 percent
Payout Limits Unlimited
Deductible Range from $100 to $500

Find Pet Insurance In PA For Your Furry Friend

Your location makes a huge difference in the types of premiums that you pay in Pennsylvania, as there are many types of communities in the state, and insurers conduct actuarial math differently depending on your pet’s living conditions.

Pennsylvania has many options for quality pet insurance and hopefully, you have a more narrowed down scope of discovery.

You must conduct the proper due diligence to get the coverage that is best for your pet. Always read the fine print, making sure your animal family member can be covered and your wallet won’t take a huge hit.

Find the Best Pet Insurance In YOUR State