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Life Insurance Basics

Our Goal: To provide a wealth of information about Life Insurance, empowering you to make the best decision about your life insurance purchase.

Please use this site and its wealth of articles, facts, and videos about life insurance to get all your questions answered. (specifically term and guaranteed universal life).

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There are two things you absolutely must know about life insurance to be an informed consumer.

  1. What are the different types of life insurance and which is best for me?        and…
  2. How much do I need?

I’ll cover these two questions first, and then below, will get into more life insurance basics, which I would also consider “recommended reading”, but optional.

Types of Life Insurance – Term, Whole Life, and Universal Life

  • Term – Most of our clients only need term life insurance.  Term is usually the most affordable type of life insurance and serves to insure you for a short period of time, such as 10, 20, or 30 years.

As you’ll read below, since life insurance is primarily used for income replacement, most people purchase the term length that most closely represents the amount of time left in their working career.  So if you think you will work 20 more years, a 20-year term policy may offer the exact amount of protection you need.

A term life insurance premium simply charges you the least amount of premium for the most amount of coverage.  Your payments are guaranteed not to increase for the entirety of the term.  So 30-year term means your premiums are guaranteed to stay level for 30 years.  See more on term insurance.

  • Whole life and Universal Life Insurance – Whole life coverage provides guaranteed coverage for life with guaranteed level premiums and builds cash value.

If cash accumulation is not your goal, you might really want a guaranteed universal life policy to age 100 or 120.  Guaranteed universal life may be guaranteed for life, but won’t build up as much cash value and maybe none at all.  See more on whole life and universal life.

Almost all our clients purchase term.  If these basic descriptions do not adequately answer your question about which type you need, please visit our articles about term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

How Much Do I Need?

The average amount of life insurance purchased is 5X the insured individual’s annual income.

Since 90% of individuals purchase life insurance to protect against the loss of income of their spouse who is an income earner, I will recommend that if this is your situation, you use our Life Insurance Calculator to determine exactly how much life insurance you need.

Our handy calculator takes the amount of income currently being earned by the prospective insured and determines the total lump-sum death benefit needed to continue paying that amount of income to his or her beneficiaries for the number of years you specify.  You might also add additional funds to the death benefit you request to pay off debts, such as credit debt or a mortgage.

If you are purchasing life insurance for any other purpose than income replacement or for further details, please visit our article titled “How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?”

We will be adding more basics to this page soon!  In the meantime, we’ve spent a lot of time providing valuable tools and information to you at our article: Life Insurance Tools & Information, as well as using our navigation menu above (please note each navigation tab has a drop-down for your convenience.)

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