Chubb, one of the largest property and casualty insurance providers in the world, was founded in 1985 and is parented by Chubb Limited of Zurich, Switzerland.

In addition to travel insurance, Chubb offers a variety of insurance solutions that appeal to both individuals and businesses including:

  • Home
  • Auto
  • Farm
  • Commercial
  • Flood
  • Cybersecurity & Identity Management

Chubb Travel Insurance

Chubb has made a name for itself in the travel insurance industry by providing consumers with extensive coverage options that go above and beyond what’s typically seen from its competitors.

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Basic coverage includes accidental death and dismemberment, accidental death in case of criminal acts, and political evacuation, none of which are standard inclusions.

Chubb also provides its policyholders with access to 24/7 travel assistance services, which includes medical and legal referrals, translation services, travel booking assistance, travel document replacement, and identity protection.

Although Chubb’s trip insurance plans provide a range of benefits and 24/7 access to customer service, Chubb travel insurance reviews across the web indicate that the company’s communication and customer service is often sub-par. That’s why it’s important to weigh the pros and cons when deciding on a travel insurance provider.

In the Chubb travel insurance review that follows, consumers are provided with detailed information on the company’s coverage, costs, reputation, customer service, and financial strength.

This review is an unbiased account of how Chubb travel insurance compares to its biggest competitors and help consumers to determine if the plans offered by this provider are the right fit for their travel needs.

While Chubb doesn’t offer a wide variety of insurance plans for customers to choose from, the company does provide two policies that include comprehensive coverage and offer optional add-ons to increase coverage inclusions.

The company excels when it comes to coverage limits for accidental death and dismemberment. It also has optional golf package coverage available with its plans, which isn’t common with travel insurance providers.

Chubb’s travel insurance plans include:

  • Comprehensive
  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption
  • Medical and accident
  • Baggage
  • Accidental death and dismemberment

Chubb Travel Insurance Coverage & Plans

Chubb Passport 360 Essential

  • The Passport 360 Essential plan is available for both domestic and international travelers and comes with an extensive list of coverage inclusions. This plan’s coverage is widely appealing to most travelers and is available at discounted rates for couples and families. Benefits include medical, accidental death and dismemberment (including death as a result of criminal assault), medical and political evacuation, trip delay, baggage delay, and travel assistance services. Policyholders can choose to add additional coverage to their plans that provide trip cancellation and interruption benefits, as well as golf package coverage, which covers green fees for missed tee times and rental equipment damages.

Chubb Passport 360 Enhanced

  • Although coverage inclusions are the same under the Passport 360 Enhanced Plan as those under the Passport 360 Essential plan, the limits are considerably higher. Policyholders receive an additional $50,000 for accident and sickness medical expenses, an additional $150,000 for accidental death and dismemberment, and up to $1,000,000 in carrier accidental death and dismemberment. Trip cancellation and interruption coverage, as well as golf package coverage, are both available as add-ons to the Essential plan.

Covered Excuses

Covered ExcusesChubb Passport 360 EssentialChubb Passport 360 Enhanced
Tour Operator CancellationYesYes
Injury/Illness/Death of TravelerYesYes
Injury/Illness/Death of Non-traveling Family MemberYesYes
Injury/Illness/Death of Business PartnerYesYes
Injury/Illness/Death of HostYesYes
Injury/Illness/Death of Host’s Family or Friends
Natural Disaster at DestinationYesYes
Tour Operator/Airline/Cruise Line Ceases OperationYesYes
Terrorism/Evacuation at DestinationYesYes
Home or Business DamagedYesYes
Jury Duty/Court AppearanceYesYes
Military DeploymentYesYes
Work RelatedYesYes
Victim of Crime Prior to TripYesYes
Car Accident Prior to TripYesYes
Theft of Passport Prior to TripYesYes
School Related
CFAR Coverage (Cancel for any reason)

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Coverage Limits

CoverageChubb Passport 360 EssentialChubb Passport 360 Enhanced
Trip CancellationOptionalOptional
Cancel for Any ReasonNoNo
Trip InterruptionOptionalOptional
Interrupt for Any ReasonNoNo
Accident and Sickness Medical ExpensesYesAdditional $50,000
Emergency Evacuation, Medically Necessary Repatriation, and Repatriation of RemainsYesYes
Non-Medical Emergency EvacuationYesYes
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)YesAdditional $150,000
Air Flight Only AD&DNoUp to $1,000,000
Baggage and Personal EffectsYesYes
Baggage DelayYesYes
Change Fee CoverageNoNo
Travel DelayYesYes
Missed ConnectionNoNo
Itinerary ChangeYesYes
Reimbursement of Miles or Rewards PointsNoNo
Rental Car DamageNoNo

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Chubb travel insurance offers plans tailored to couples and families, with discounted rates for bundled insurance policies.

Consumers purchasing an individual and spouse plan receive the same benefits for both parties, while children insured under a family plan receive the same benefits with the exclusion of accidental death and dismemberment, for which they only receive a 25 percent reimbursement.

Family plans include insurance benefits for an individual, their spouse, and unlimited dependent children. Chubb’s Passport 360 plans vary from state to state, and for this reason, the company doesn’t provide exact coverage amounts on its website. To obtain more information about policy inclusions and coverage amounts, you should contact a local Chubb representative or insurance broker.

Chubb Travel Insurance Costs

When determining a vacation budget with travel insurance, consumers should know that this is generally in the range of 4 to 8 percent of the trip’s total cost. This range is based on the average vacation, which may vary according to the traveler’s age, the date, length and method of travel, and the destination. The best way to obtain accurate pricing information is by contacting a Chubb insurance agent or travel insurance broker directly.

Chubb offers several travel insurance options, which means that customers can generally find a price point that works for them. Some coverage, including trip cancellation and interruption, is optional, which can help travelers further reduce costs. Working with an insurance agent is the best way to create a plan that meets a travel budget as well as insurance needs.

In some cases, travelers may purchase an insurance plan, and upon review of the policy or after a change in plans, choose to cancel their insurance. In these cases, Chubb offers customers and industry-standard 10-day cancellation window during which a full refund is issued, provided no claims have been filed.

Chubb Travel Insurance Reviews & Reputation

Chubb’s BBB grade is lower than most of its major competitors. The company has received a rating of B- based on its number of complaints and the amount of time it takes before responding. The company has received 85 complaints in the past three years, with 40 of those occurring in the last 12 months, considerably less than similarly-sized competitors. Reviews on file are of Chubb’s insurance branches collectively and don’t entirely reflect the travel insurance offered by the company. Most are regarding the company’s slow speed of communication and claims processing.

On Trustpilot, Chubb’s TrustScore of 2.8 out of 10 is considerably lower than most of its competitors. TrustScores are based on reviews and ratings provided by current and former customers of Chubb’s large variety of insurance products. As of February 2019, there are no positive reviews available for Chubb on Trustpilot.

Customer Assistance Services

Chubb travel insurance provides policyholders access to 24/7 travel and emergency assistance that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Customers can call the company’s toll-free hotline for assistance with claims, emergency funds, travel bookings, and cancellations.

Chubb doesn’t provide its customers with an online portal or mobile app, as opposed to most of its competitors. Claims can be submitted to the company via email or regular mail. Customers can download a claims form from the Chubb travel insurance website or obtain a form from their local insurance agent.

Financial Stability

When, it’s important to think beyond the plans, price, and customer service offered by each particular provider and look into the company’s financial stability and credit ratings.

A strong financial profile indicates that the insurer can honor the policies that it writes, even in the event of large-scale disasters with high claims volumes. Consumers can obtain financial information about insurance providers from independent rating agencies such as A.M. Best, Moody’s, or Standard and Poor’s.

Chubb Limited has received superior financial ratings from both A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s. A.M. Best has provided Chubb Limited with a financial strength rating of A++ and Standard and Poor’s shows a rating of AA. Both scores indicate that the company is financially stable and capable of honoring the policies that it writes.

Chubb Travel Insurance Phone Number & Contact Information

  • Homepage URL:
  • Provider Phone: 1 (877) 513-2338
  • Headquarters Address: A, 202 Halls Mill Rd, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey 08889
  • Year Founded: 1985

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