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Best 20 Year Term Life Insurance Rates, Pros & Cons (PLUS 3 Mistakes You Must Avoid)

Here’s the brutal truth about life insurance agents: while a 20-year term life insurance policy will do the job for 90% of Americans, most agents will still try to sell higher-priced 30-year policies and whole life insurance. They make more money that way!

In this guide, I’ll share why 20-year term life insurance may be the way to go.

The fact is, for most people, a simple 20-year term life policy from AIG Direct is the best place to start.

You can view rates here.

runners and healthier people may consider health IQ for 20 year term

(Runners, triathletes out there? If fitness and personal health are an important part of your life, I recommend also checking out Health IQ. View their rates here.)

Read on below, where I’ll explain the following:

All of us, especially those who have families, should go the extra mile to find information about the different types of term insurance.

This is the best way to make sure that whatever plan you buy, it will give your loved ones the most secure future possible. 


Think saving money on life insurance is as easy as getting a quick online quote?  Think again!  You need an expert guide.  We know the right companies for every age, health issue, and need.  It's quick and easy!  Get started with a free life insurance quote now!  

Different Term Policies for Different Folks

If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, you may already be familiar with the different types of term insurance. Typically life insurance is sold in 5-year, 10-year, 20-year and the 30-year terms. 

Remember, each of these offerings differ when it comes to premiums and benefits to the insured and/or his/her beneficiaries.

In this article, I’ll review the most popular period of coverage, which is 20-year term life insurance. 

Clients love this product because it’s inexpensive, considering the period of time it covers.

…and we love it at Huntley Wealth too! 

What is 20 Year Term Life Insurance?

In a nutshell, 20 year term is a form of level term life insurance that provides coverage for 20 years.

People often purchase this product when they aren’t sure what the future holds.  A 20 year term gives you time to figure what your needs will be down the road – while providing substantial coverage in the interim.

It’s SO important to get coverage when you need it. If you can’t afford a 30 year term – start with what you can afford and supplement when your circumstances change.

NOT having coverage isn’t an option for ANYONE who has dependents.

A common question I get from my clients is, what’s the difference between 20 Year Term Life Insurance and 10, 15, or 30 year terms? 

They are all forms of “level term life insurance.”

20 Year term life insurance simply fixes your premiums for 20 years. You know how medical and auto insurances sees to increase every year?

Well, this doesn’t happen with 20 year term life insurance!

What’s better than locking in affordable premiums for 20 years? 

So What Happens When Your 20 Year Term Life Insurance Expires?

When your 20 year term ends, your premiums rise dramatically - because you're a bigger risk to insure. 

Note: at the end of the 20 years, your policy doesn’t simply cancel.  Instead, your premiums increase annually. The lion’s share of policies actually provide coverage to age 95, however, most people drop them after the initial 20 year term because they don’t want to pay the increased rate.

At this point you may have the option to "convert" the policy to permanent coverage, which means you can continue your coverage without proof that you're healthy, but at a higher price.

Term policies usually convert into "lifetime" or permanent policies.

The most popular type of permanent coverage is Whole Life Insurance.

Term vs Whole Life Insurance Explained

You should know a thing or two about whole life, since you may one day need to choose if you'll convert your term policy into a whole life policy.

Here are a few term vs whole life insurance comparisons:

Whole Life Insurance

  • offers guaranteed lifetime coverage if all premiums are paid
  • 10x - 20x the cost of term
  • has a "cash value" / investment component - may be available for loan/withdrawal

We rarely recommend whole life, especially if you're simply looking for guaranteed lifetime coverage.

Term Life Insurance

  • coverage for a set period like 10, 20, or 30 years
  • premium payments generally fixed (level) during the term
  • generally 5% - 10% the cost of whole life
  • if premiums aren't paid, the policy lapses (cancels)

Now you've probably heard Dave Ramsey's take on term life insurance.  If not, you should understand it, since Dave Ramsey is a well known financial expert.  His belief is that:

  • whole life insurance is a terrible investment, earning just 1% to 1.5% return
  • it is overpriced
  • you should ONLY buy term life insurance

Here's Ramsey explaining more about why he doesn't recommend whole life:

But here's the thing:

Regardless of Ramsey's feelings on whole life, some people need permanent coverage for estate planning.  They aren't using it as an "investment."  They just need lifetime coverage.

So if that's the case...

I personally recommend Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance if you are looking to use a permanent product. 

I've written many times on the subject of universal life insurance.  Here's my exhaustive guide.

But many term policies ONLY convert to whole life, not to guaranteed universal life.

Be sure to check out the fine print on your policy. It's important to know what your conversion options are BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.

I personally wouldn't buy a policy that only converts to whole life. 

Let’s say you don’t heed my advice and your only conversion option is an expensive whole life policy…and you don’t want to go that route.

It’s time to go shopping for a new 10, 15, or 20 year term. That is  – IF you are still healthy enough to qualify affordable coverage. 

A lot can change in 20 years, so in my experience it’s best to make sure you have really well rounded conversion terms if you think you may need continued coverage. 

In my experience it’s better to be prepared – reacting usually means you’ll shell out more cash. 

Most people would consider themselves fortunate to reach their 100th birthday. But for people counting on certain types of life insurance to meet specific financial planning goals, hitting 100 means their luck has run out.

Some Insurance Expires While Centenarians Live On – Palisades Hudson Financial Group 


Want to know the problem with regular "universal life"?  If the cash value decreases too much, your policy can lapse and you can lose all your money.  That's why we only sell GUARANTEED UNIVERSAL LIFE.  It offers lifetime guaranteed level premiums, and as long as you pay your premiums, your policy can't cancel.  It works just like term, but for life!

The Pros of a 20 Year Term Life Insurance Policy

1. It’s the Most Practical: 

Think about your life 20 years from now and what do you see? Many consumers purchase 20 year term life insurance with the belief that their children will be working adults when the policy expires. 

You should also be in a better financial position after 2 decades of career progression. Hey, I hope that you use that additional salary to pay down your mortgage and debts too! 

20 year term life insurance covers the period in time when you and your family are most vulnerable. If you feel continued coverage is necessary, it’s likely that you’ll be better in a better position to afford it. 

2. It’s Inexpensive: 

20 year term life insurance is cheaper than a 30 year term because you are insured for a shorter period of time. 20 year term is preferable to a 10 year term because you’re not shortchanging yourself when it comes to coverage. 

3. Peace of Mind for 20 Years: 

Although level term life insurance doesn’t have cash value, it does provide peace of mind. For 20 years you’ll be secure knowing that should the unexpected happen, your family will be taken care of. You can’t put a price tag on that.

Of course, the extent of your peace of mind depends on the amount of benefits that come with your policy. Always be sure you have enough coverage. I can’t stress how important this is. Depending on your debts and obligations your death benefits may not go as far as you would like. 20 year term life insurance rates

The beauty of locking your premiums in for 20 years is that they won’t EVER increase during that time.  Let’s say you get cancer in year 10, your premiums are guaranteed level for the whole term.

So YES, 20 year term life insurance cost is a bit more than 10 or 15 year term, but it provides more comprehensive coverage if you have a young family.  

If you don’t die during your term, you can still convert the policy to Guaranteed Universal Life, without proof of insurability (that is if you follow my advice).

This is an important benefit.

BEWARE: Most term policies have this conversion option built in.  Make sure yours has it. Every term policy Huntley Wealth sells has a conversion option.

The Cons of 20 Year Term Life Insurance 

1. Premiums Will Increase Dramatically After Expiration: 

With term, you’re buying a fixed, level premium for the duration you select. So if you choose 20 years, at the end of the term, your rates will increase by as much as 5 – 10 times  the premiums you’ve been paying thus far. 

2. It May Not be the Best Option for People In Very Poor Health: 

20 year term life insurance isn’t a pragmatic option if you have a serious medical condition.  As I mentioned, insurance companies generate premiums based on your health rating.

In some cases, you’ll get rated more favorably if you purchase a permanent policy such as guaranteed universal life.

3. Shopping for Life Insurance at the End of Your Term is Costly: 

If your 20 year term life insurance policy has matured and you want to reinsure yourself, chances are companies will provide you with an expensive quote. Now that you’re 45 years old, you may have some health issues that you didn’t at 25.


This may mean your premiums double due to your new health rating. 


At Huntley Wealth, we specialize in helping individuals with high risk medical issues.  You name it, and we've seen it.  We'll help you get approved quickly at a rate you can afford.  Get started with a free life insurance quote now!  

Underwriting for 20 Year Term Life Insurance

Aside from deciding on the length of term that works best for your family, you have to consider the following three factors: 

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Health Rating
20 year term life insurance health

To be honest this information radically influences the premiums you are offered. 

This is why you need an independent agent, such as those at Huntley Wealth!

We have access to dozens of the top life insurance companies and know the ins and outs of their underwriting guidelines. 

Why is this important Chris?? All life insurance companies basically offer the same products right?


Nothing could be further from the truth. Some companies are far more lenient than others when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions. 

At Huntley Wealth we find the company that works for your UNIQUE circumstances.

A dip in your rating can mean you will pay thousands more over the course of your term. 

I can give you theoretical quotes out the wazoo - but the truth is everyone's application is different. You need to have someone on your side who understands this VERY complex process.

...AND we are the very best. 

Tips to Get the BEST 20 Year Term Life Insurance Rates

Face it we’re  all looking to save a dime or two. Here are a few more tips to help you keep the cost of your premiums down: 

  1. Use Our Pennies from Heaven Strategy: Learn how to save 10% – 30% on 20 year term life insurance rates by using our Pennies from Heaven Strategy today.
  2. Pay Semi-Annually or Annually: If you can afford to pay your premiums up front you’ll rake in 4% – 8% in additional savings!
  3. If you have a health issue, ask us about our “Special Case Roadshow”: Here’s the quick and dirty of it.  If you have a tough medical condition like diabetes or history of a stroke or heart disease, chances are companies will rate you. When we get a tough case, we take it to over 2 dozen underwriters at different companies to see which one will give you the best rate.  Call us at 877-443-9467 for details.

What Do 20 Year Term Life insurance Rates Look Like for Various Age Groups?

As you can see in our term life insurance rates by age chart, there is a HUGE difference in premiums as you age.

A 20 year old will pay as little as $46.01 per month for $1 Million in coverage with Banner, whereas a 70 year old will pay over $1900 per month! 

Premiums start to snowball in your 40's, 50's and 60's for obvious reasons. Hey, you're closer to death so it's more of a risk for the insurer. 

...AND the prices I quote below rely on you being HEALTHY. MANY people have ailments that would bar them ever receiving offers like these. 

That is why I urge you to contact an independent life insurance agent TODAY.

We can help you find the BEST level term life insurance rates!  

Check out our 20 year term life insurance rate chart: 

Term Life Insurance Quotes at 20-29 Years Old

Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1 Million
20 Year Old Male $10.32 $16.30 $26.14 $46.01
21 Year Old Male $10.32 $16.30 $26.14 $46.01
22 Year Old Male $10.32 $16.30 $26.14 $46.01
23 Year Old Male $10.32 $16.30 $26.14 $46.01
24 Year Old Male $10.32 $16.30 $26.14 $46.01
25 Year Old Male $10.32 $16.30 $26.14 $46.01
26 Year Old Male $10.41 $16.30 $26.14 $46.78
27 Year Old Male $10.41 $16.31 $26.14 $46.78
28 Year Old Male $11.27 $16.31 $26.14 $46.78
29 Year Old Male $11.27 $16.31 $26.53 $47.49

(Life Insurance Preferred Quotes based on healthy, male, non-smoker for 20 Year Guaranteed Level Term, as of 12/12/17 – Banner Life Insurance, subject to change)

Term Life Insurance Quotes at 30-39 Years Old

Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1 Million
30 Year Old Male $11.35 $16.31 $26.53 $47.59
31 Year Old Male $11.35 $16.48 $26.87 $47.64
32 Year Old Male $11.44 $16.66 $27.00 $48.50
33 Year Old Male $12.64 $16.84 $27.43 $48.50
34 Year Old Male $12.64 $17.02 $27.86 $49.36
35 Year Old Male $12.64 $17.20 $27.95 $50.22
36 Year Old Male $13.42 $18.02 $29.58 $52.80
37 Year Old Male $14.10 $18.79 $31.26 $55.90
38 Year Old Male $14.88 $19.74 $33.15 $65.79
39 Year Old Male $19.86 $32.30 $35.17 $70.95

(Life Insurance Preferred Quotes based on healthy, male, non-smoker for 20 Year Guaranteed Level Term, as of 12/12/17 Banner Life Insurance, subject to change)

Term Life Insurance Quotes at 40-49 Years Old

Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1 Million
40 Year Old Male $15.35 $21.88 $37.73 $76.97
41 Year Old Male $16.25 $23.65 $41.19 $82.99
42 Year Old Male $16.15 $25.61 $44.72 $90.64
43 Year Old Male $16.25 $27.93 $49.02 $90.64
44 Year Old Male $17.54 $30.55 $54.18 $99.78
45 Year Old Male $19.01 $33.35 $59.34 $109.65
46 Year Old Male $20.21 $35.94 $64.50 $119.88
47 Year Old Male $21.48 $38.44 $69.19 $129.17
48 Year Old Male $22.96 $41.58 $75.21 $141.30
49 Year Old Male $24.51 $45.20 $82.73 $156.00

(Life Insurance Preferred Quotes based on healthy, male, non-smoker for 20 Year Guaranteed Level Term, as of 12/12/17, subject to change)

Term Life Insurance Quotes at 50-59 Years Old

Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1 Million
50 Year Old Male $26.23 $48.87 $89.87 $171.18
51 Year Old Male $28.47 $53.42  $98.56 $187.57 
52 Year Old Male $30.96 $58.33 $106.85 $203.73
53 Year Old Male $33.71 $63.87 $117.99 $225.23
54 Year Old Male $36.64 $69.42 $131.26 $251.17
55 Year Old Male $39.82 $76.88 $144.37 $275.63
56 Year Old Male $43.69 $84.81 $160.17 $306.59
57 Year Old Male $47.90 $93.61 $175.01 $335.40
58 Year Old Male $57.53 $114.24 $217.15 $416.67
59 Year Old Male $63.12 $126.30 $240.80 $461.39

(Life Insurance Preferred Quotes based on healthy, male, non-smoker for 20 Year Guaranteed Level Term, as of 12/12/17 Banner Life Insurance, subject to change)

Term Life Insurance Quotes at 60-69 Years Old

Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1 Million
60 Year Old Male $63.12 $126.30 $240.80 $461.39
61 Year Old Male $72.07 $144.34 $278.86 $536.21
62 Year Old Male $81.65 $165.07 $315.28 $605.70
63 Year Old Male $91.57 $188.88 $363.26 $698.32
64 Year Old Male $102.77 $216.24 $419.78 $803.85
65 Year Old Male $113.86 $246.82 $478.16 $919.85
66 Year Old Male $131.32 $286.29 $554.18 $1,076.03
67 Year Old Male $147.75 $326.71 $625.48 $1,222.15
68 Year Old Male $168.13 $373.13 $720.34 $1,417.11
69 Year Old Male $189.37 $429.05 $838.84 $1,660.66

(Life Insurance Preferred Quotes based on healthy, male, non-smoker for 20 Year Guaranteed Level Term, as of 12/12/17 Banner Life Insurance, subject to change)

Term Life Insurance Quotes at 70-79 Years Old

Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1 Million
70 Year Old Male $213.62 $488.61 $957.48 $1,904.30
71 Year Old Male NA  NA  NA  NA 
72 Year Old Male NA  NA  NA  NA 
73 Year Old Male NA  NA  NA  NA 
74 Year Old Male NA  NA  NA  NA 
75 Year Old Male NA  NA  NA  NA 
76 Year Old Male NA  NA  NA  NA 
77 Year Old Male NA  NA  NA  NA 
78 Year Old Male NA  NA  NA  NA 
79 Year Old Male NA  NA  NA  NA 

(Life Insurance Preferred Quotes based on healthy, male, non-smoker for 20 Year Guaranteed Level Term, as of 12/12/17 Banner Life Insurance, subject to change)

For more information on how age affects your life insurance rates and approvals, visit our life insurance rates by age page.


Think saving money on life insurance is as easy as getting a quick online quote?  Think again!  You need an expert guide.  We know the right companies for every age, health issue, and need.  It's quick and easy!  Get started with a free life insurance quote now!  

Should I Buy 20 or 30 Year Term Life Insurance? 

The most common two questions I get are:

  1. How much life insurance do I need
  2. What type of life insurance do I need

…so I figure I’ll share  a real life example with you to give you some insight: 

20 year term life insurance super hero

20 Year Term Life Insurance vs. 30 Year Term Case Study

A married couple in their 30’s recently asked me whether they should buy 20 year term life insurance or 30 year term. 

Both of them work and they don't have children yet, but they plan to down the road. 

They inquired about a $500,000 policy for the wife and $1 Million policy for the husband.

Their main concerns were: 


1. The Cost: 30 year term is more expensive that 20 year term life insurance. 

2. Children: Although they don’t currently have kids, the wife indicated she wants a policy to cover their future children, should she and her husband die while they are minors. 

Since they haven’t had their kids yet, they are worried that 20 years might not provide enough coverage. 

NOTE: This lady is a superhero in my book. She is ahead of the game and thinking about the responsibilities of having a dependent or two in ADVANCE. If she and her husband die in a tragic accident, she knows the kiddos will be taken care of. LOVE this. 

Take Dave Ramsey's Advice about Unscrupulous Agents

The problem with getting a straight answer from a life insurance agent regarding what type of insurance to purchase, is that we get paid more commission when our clients pay higher premiums.

Just like Dave Ramsey warns, if you’re not careful, agents will try to push the term vs whole life insurance argument on you, and convince you that you’ll have “nothing” at the end of your term, but if you buy whole life, it’s in an investment in your future.

They’ll also try to push term life insurance with no medical exam on you, because it puts more money in their pocket and is easier.  Now there is a time and place for no exam coverage, but it’s oversold in my opinion.


So the first lesson when it comes to purchasing term life insurance of any duration is to use an agent who doesn’t seem “needy”.  If your agent is pushing you to take a certain policy, beware.

I’ve been in the business for many years, and while I wouldn’t call myself rich, I have done PRETTY well. This is because look at my clients circumstances from every angle.

The key is to assess the pros and cons of each type of policy according to the personal circumstances of the client in question. 

I even play devil’s advocate to help people see that sometimes a cheaper option makes the most sense for them. I like to say all my clients get the same advice I’d give my own mother. This creates an atmosphere of trust – and guess what?

They refer me to friends and family, because I have their best interest in mind, NOT my personal bottom line.

Here is a copy of the 20 and 30 year quotes I sent them and the letter I wrote:

1. $41.71 per month – $1,000,000 for 20 years
Banner Life Insurance Co.
OPTerm 20
Preferred Best No Nicotine Use
2. $64.93 per month – $1,000,000 for 30 years
Banner Life Insurance Co
OPTerm 30
Preferred Best No Nicotine Use

“A lot of people in your age group struggle to decide between 20 or 30 year term, so please let me to make a couple comments here.  First of all, when you apply, nothing is set in stone.   For example, you can apply for 30 year, and when your policy is approved, you can change your mind and have it issued at 20 year, so you may have a couple weeks to discuss this.

Secondly, most people purchase life insurance for income replacement purposes, so you need to think about where you’ll be financially 20 years from now.  If you can reasonably expect your debts to be paid down, and have plenty of money in savings and retirement by then, perhaps you’ll no longer need coverage, in which case the 20 year will suffice.  However, if you expect you’ll still be depending on each other’s income 20 years from now, I would suggest the 30 year.

A lot of couples at your age will buy a 30 year term on the main breadwinner (if there is one) and a 20 year term on the other spouse…and if you still can’t decide, you could take both.  Have 1 policy issued for 20 year term and 1 issued for a 30 year term.  In John’s case, for example, if he had two 500K policies, the total cost for the first 20 years would be $74 per month.  After 20 years, the first policy would drop off and you’d be left with just the 30 year payment for 10 more years at $45 per month.”

* Quote based on Banner Life, Preferred Non Smoker, Male, Age 34 as of 1/22/18


At Huntley Wealth, we specialize in helping individuals with high risk medical issues.  You name it, and we've seen it.  We'll help you get approved quickly at a rate you can afford.  Get started with a free life insurance quote now!  

So what's the answer Chris? What type of term life insurance should I get?

The answer is there isn't a boiler plate generic answer.  

This is yet another reason you should contact an the independent life insurance agents at Huntley Wealth today. 

My answer depends on your PERSONAL circumstances.

If the couple in our example above is financially responsible, they pay down their debts and have their kids in the coming year - 20 year term life insurance may be perfect for them. 

That being said, if they're going to wait a while and don't have a financial plan in place, the 30 year term might be better suited. 

You also have to weigh in your age and health. What is true in your 20's and 30's isn't in your 40's and 50's as you can see from the charts above.

Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

Many of the best term life insurance companies offer a type of level term policy that returns 100% of the premium to you if you don't die during the term.

This type of policy costs quite a bit more up front, but when you get back all your premiums, you'll find all it cost you was "loaning" your money to the company for free.

We do offer "ROP" at Huntley Wealth.  You can visit this article to learn more about Return of Premium Life Insurance Quotes.

Mortgage Term Life Insurance

Some companies offer a types of term life insurance (15 to 30 years) specifically designed to pay off your mortgage balance if you die.  The death benefit decreases every year you live.

What we've found at Huntley Wealth, though, is a level term life insurance policy typically costs much less, and the death benefit stays level.  

Be sure to visit our mortgage life insurance page, where you learn about an awesome strategy to help you cover your mortgage that will save you 10-30% over straight term.

Use a Term Life Insurance Calculator to Figure Out Your Real Needs

While I don't have a specific 20 year term life insurance calculator...

I did develop a needs calculator to help people like YOU figure out how much coverage you need BEFORE you speak to an agent.

Most of my clients are shocked by the numbers. 

The next step is to imagine how your life might unfold. This will help you determine when you will need the MOST coverage - which will determine what policy works. 

This is where financial planning comes in. 

PSST: Financial planning is a big part of picking out the right life insurance product. 

Choosing between 20 year term life insurance or 30 year term really comes down to these steps.

The answer is different for each family my friends. 

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Life Insurance

Be careful to avoid these common mistakes. They will prevent you from getting the lowest rates: 

Stay Away From “No Exam” Policies: While it’s tempting to blow off an exam to get quick and easy coverage, you’ll save on average 30-50% by taking an exam. 20 year term life insurance no medical exam isn’t likely to be the best purchase. If you absolutely feel you MUST apply for a no exam life insurance policy check out my latest article where I give you the scoop

You Aren’t Stuck with One Policy: 20 years down the road you might not need the same amount of coverage, especially if you put away cash for the future and pay down debts. Why not buy 2 policies? For example, instead of buying a 20 year term life insurance policy for $1 million, why not buy a 10 year term for $500K and 20 year term for $500k?  This will save you about 15%-20%.

Steer Clear of Captive Agents: When shopping for life insurance, you want to buy from a knowledgeable, independent agent.  Independence is important because it means your agent has access to multiple companies to get you the best deal. Unfortunately captive agents only offer you coverage from one company.  This is especially important if you take medication or have health issues.

It’s well-known that many life insurance policies require a medical exam. The healthier you are, the more likely you are to outlive your policy. This means you get a better rate.

Most life insurance medical exams are pretty easy. A nurse in an office, or even at your home, will weigh you, give you a questionnaire, and maybe take blood and urine samples. This is by no means a complete physical. The insurer is simply looking for telltale signs of serious future medical problems.

Best Life Insurance Options for Seniors, The Dough Roller 

FAQ's: 20 year terM life insurance

How do I figure out how much life insurance I will need? 

Check out our easy life insurance coverage calculator here.

Will my premium payments go up or stay the same? 

In a Level Term Policy, the premiums are averaged out for the entire life of the policy, so monthly premiums will remain the same throughout the length of the policy life. After the 20 years, however, the premiums will increase.


Think saving money on life insurance is as easy as getting a quick online quote?  Think again!  You need an expert guide.  We know the right companies for every age, health issue, and need.  It's quick and easy!  Get started with a free life insurance quote now!  

Purchase Your 20 Year Term Life Insurance Through Huntley Wealth

Whether you decide to buy 20 year term life insurance or any other product…

Please note we have the lowest prices anywhere on the web. 

We ARE the perfect storm. Knowledgeable and SEASONED independent life insurance agents that have access to 30+ carriers. 

What more could you want?

20 Year Term Life insurance Chris

Did you know that most sites only quote 10-12 life insurance companies? 

As you know from reading my articles, different life insurance companies fill different needs. If you don’t use an agent that has access to the best on offer, your won’t get the most affordable premiums. 

I hope this article helps you navigate the pros and cons of 20 year term life insurance. If you’d like to receive a free quote, please use the Instant Quote box on the right…

…or, call us right now for a 20 year term life insurance quote at 877-443-9467.

*While we make every effort to keep our site updated, please be aware that "timely" information on this page, such as quote estimates, or pertinent details about companies, may only be accurate as of its last edit day. Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services and its representatives do not give legal or tax advice. Please consult your own legal or tax adviser.

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    Thanks for this helpful post on the pros and cons of a 20 year term life insurance. I didn’t realize there were so many different types of options for term life insurance. It is good to know that in a 20-year term that your monthly premium is determined by your age, gender, and health rating. I will have to analyze my health insurance plan and figure out what is best for my future. Thanks for the help!

  2. Collene Collins on January 9, 2018, 5:50 pm

    I need to talk on person we just got what i thought was a new copy of my hubbys policy only to find out its not grom my agent its a different policy with his name forged and initials forged beside the policy amount changing it from 125,000 to 50,000 and . The agent we have had knew our familys tragedy and long story short he told us about return if premium policy and thats what we agreed to and a set premium we would pay till 100 my hubby is in perfect health neber smoked dont drink and no meds and i dont know what to do. Theres more to rhe story but i cant type it. Id love to talk yo Chris cause our family has been through more than i can handle and now i have to locate our agent to see whats going on. I need help to stop this fraud with this policy we never applied for or changed. The man who i have no idea who he is even checked yes saying he met with my husband and went ovet the application Weve never missed or been late on our premiums. WTF is going on???

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