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Best Life Insurance Rates for Smokers (PLUS Savings Tips)

Many smokers and other tobacco users believe they can’t buy affordable life insurance.

But here’s the truth.

Whether you smoke cigarettes, a pipe, marijuana, e-cigarettes, or chew tobacco, you can find affordable life insurance for smokers.

…We know this, because we’ve helped hundreds of smokers.

In fact, we have so much experience here, we’ve put together this 5,000 word + comprehensive guide, to answer every single question you might have, so you can make a good decision for your family.

Life insurance for smokers

For example, perhaps you:

… and you’re wondering what this means for life insurance.

All this and more lies ahead, so buckle up, grab a coffee, and commence reading, or use our handy table of contents below to quickly navigate to your pressing questions.

Quick Guide to Life Insurance for Smokers


If you’ve been searching for low cost life insurance for smokers, whether it be cigarette, cigar, or pipe smokers, you’ve likely found that the premium is double to triple what non smokers pay.

The good news is there are some life insurance carriers whose niche is offering the lowest premiums for cigarette smokers, and others who offer Non Tobacco ratings to tobacco users, such as cigar and pipe smokers.

Finally, a few carriers will offer Non Tobacco ratings to e-cigarette or even Marijuana users!

The trick is knowing which company to use in each individual case.

Which Companies Offer the Best Life Insurance Rates for Cigarette Smokers?

Almost all carriers offer life insurance to cigarette smokers who use tobacco regularly, but at what price?  Although there is no one company that offers the most competitive rates across the board, your low price leaders for smokers’ life insurance are usually Transamerica, American General, Assurity and Nationwide.  Let’s look at a few examples:

Say a 50 year old healthy male smoker needs $500,000, 30 year term.  Nationwide comes in at #1 at $6,165 annually.  Assume this same man favors Mutual of Omaha for some reason, and only got a quote from Mutual of Omaha, and no other company.  Mutual of Omaha is #10 on the list, charging $6,838 for the same 30 year policy.  That’s $673 more, or an 11% difference!  You see, if you need life insurance for smokers, it pays to shop around.

Next, let’s assume a 32 year old healthy male smoker needs $1,000,000, 30 year term.  With Assurity, he’ll pay $2,560 annually.  If we move down just 9 spots, Prudential comes in at $3,085 annually.  Folks, that’s a 2o% increase!

What about someone older? Let’s use a 59 year old woman, on a few medications, looking for $250,000, 20 year term.  This time, American General (AIG) is the leader at $3,479/year.  By contrast, if that woman only looked at quotes from Transamerica (they are a price-leader, after all) she’d pay $4,150/year!  That’s $671 more – each and every year…or $13,420 more over the life of the policy!  I’ll bet she could find something better to do with that money!

So, let’s just admit that not every carrier is equally eager for your business. As a smoker, you want to find that company who is actively competing for your business.  They will all sell you insurance, but if you aren’t careful, you can make a very costly error by selecting the more expensive company!

Should I QUIT before I Apply?life insurance smoker vs nonsmoker

You might find yourself in a position where you want to get life insurance now but think you should wait and quit smoking before you get a policy. The good news is that if you get a policy now while you’re still smoking, you can qualify for cheaper premiums later on when and if you quit smoking!

Your best bet is to take the amount of insurance you need right now, while you’re healthy.  Then try to quit smoking.  After one year of no tobacco use, as long as you’re still healthy, you can apply for a new policy and get standard non tobacco rates with most carriers.  This should cut your premium in half.  Then for each year you stay away from cigarettes, you climb the ladder of rates available to you, starting with Standard Plus after 2 years, then Preferred after 3, then Preferred Plus after 3 to 5 years with most carriers.

Even better, some life insurance companies are more competitive, and will offer reduced premiums at earlier intervals after you have quit smoking.  All you have to do is to renew your policy or apply for a ‘health class reconsideration’ with your current insurer. The savings you can derive after being tobacco free year after year can be quite significant.

So, attention all cigarette smokers who are getting ripped off on life insurance.  Here’s an incentive…quit now, and after 12 short months, you may just get the same rates as your non smoking, athletic neighbor!

I Already Quit! So How Will They Rate Me?

Quit Smoking Cigarettes 1 Year Ago:

Congratulations!  Most companies will consider you for their Standard non tobacco rates after quitting smoking cigarettes for 1 year.  However, I know of at least 10 companies who may offer better than standard rates after quitting for 12 months.  Banner Life claims to offer Standard Plus (one rate class better than standard), as well as Prudential, John Hancock, Protective and six more.  But wait! There are two progressive companies who will consider an offer of Preferred Non Smoker, which are Minnesota Life and Nationwide!  After only one year of not smoking!  Pretty good, huh?

Quit Smoking 2 Years Ago:

Wonderful!  At the 2 year mark, 6 more carriers will consider an offer of Standard Plus non tobacco, such as American National, Met Life and Voya. But more importantly, another 8 join the ranks of those companies offering a possible rating of Preferred non tobacco!  Remember, the better the rating, the better the pricing!  As you see, it is vital that you use an independent agent so you will have access to the best carrier for your specific case!

Quit Smoking 3 Years Ago:

Preferred Plus, yes, I said Preferred Plus, the very best rating an insurance company offers, is potentially available after your 3rd anniversary of smoking cessation, as long as the rest of your health and lifestyle qualifies for that rating!  At the time of this writing, 5 insurance companies – Banner Life, Lincoln National, Minnesota Life, Mutual of Omaha and North American (if under 70) use this criteria for underwriting!

Quit Smoking 5 Years Ago:

If this is you, every insurance company that I know of will consider you for their best non smoking class, as long as you can qualify for that class otherwise. In other words, you can quit reading this article right now!cheap term life insurance for smokers

What You Must Know Before You Apply

When applying for a life insurance policy, you may have to take a medical exam or fill out a medical questionnaire. As a smoker, you might be tempted to fudge the truth a bit and either deny being a smoker or claim you’ve quit. Don’t do this because this is just plain insurance fraud!

Also, your claim can be denied if it comes out that you didn’t tell the truth about your smoking habit. Additionally, if you do have to get a medical exam, nicotine is bound to show up in a blood analysis. Do yourself a favor and always be honest about your smoking habit.

If you have only recently quit smoking, you might think you won’t screen for nicotine in a lab test. The fact is; you have to have quit smoking for at least one full year before you can qualify for a reduced premium.

Non Tobacco Rates for Occasional Cigarette Smokers

Here’s a ridiculous fact.

If you apply for life insurance, and have smoked just 1 cigarette in the past year, (and admit to it on your application), you will be classified as a smoker at every insurance company in the country…except one!

That means the best rating you could qualify for is Preferred Tobacco at every insurance company, costing you more than double the premium of a non smoker.

Until now!

Breaking News for Occasional Cigarette Smokers!!!

I have now confirmed in writing from an underwriter at a top rated, well established insurance company in the U.S., that they will allow you to smoke the occasional cigarette, and still approve you for their best Preferred Non Tobacco rates!

“Non Tobacco Life Insurance Rates for Occasional Smokers” – Click to Tweet

By “occasional cigarette use”, I mean to say very limited cigarette use, up to a maximum of 24 cigarettes per year, and you must be able to test negative for tobacco in the medical exam.

So if you enjoy a cigarette once or twice a month in a social gathering, say a birthday party, or to watch a ballgame with some friends, or to celebrate any other special occasion, you are merely a “social smoker”, my friend, and you will NOT have to pay tobacco rates anymore.

This means Drastic Savings for Social Smokers!

For example, a healthy 50 year old male purchased a $500K, 20 year term policy. He smoked 3 times last year, so he was rated as a smoker, and pays Preferred Tobacco Premiums of $316 Per Month.  But…if he called me, I would have placed him with this great company and he would have gotten Preferred Non Tobacco Premiums of only $114 Per Month. That’s an incredible 64% savings!  Enough said?

Here’s the Proof

I had heard a rumor this company was issuing policies for occasional smokers at non tobacco rates, so on June 15th, 2012, I sent out the following request to this company’s underwriter, who responds to email quote requests, and asked on behalf of a client the following:

“I have a proposed insured, 42 year old male, preferred plus in all regards. Recently I got him a 1 Million term policy, but he got rated at preferred smoker due to admitting to smoking 5 to 10 cigarettes per year at social gatherings.  Can we get a non tobacco rating with you?”

life insurance smoker testThe same day, I received an email back that stated the following, right here, in writing, from a company underwriter:

“With a negative specimen, any of our non tobacco classes would be possible.  I would request a quote on these cases, because every situation is different and depending on frequency and type of tobacco we may have different ratings. Thank you!”

There you have it.  A tentative offer from the company underwriter.

*Update March 10, 2016 – yep, it’s still true!  They are still offering a possible Preferred rating for those smoking 12-24 cigarettes per year, and a possible Preferred Plus rating for those smoking up to 12 cigarettes annually!  You would have to otherwise qualify for the rating, of course.

How to Get these Rates

You won’t find these published anywhere.  You must call us at 877-443-9467 to share your smoking habits, so that we can send an email to the company for a quick pre-approval.

If you’re an occasional cigarette user and are just shopping for your first policy, don’t bother with the quote form on the right, as you won’t know which company offers this deal.  Just call us and we’ll give you the quotes by phone.

Please note the A+ company offering these non smoker rates offers various term policies and guaranteed universal life insurance policies.

Saving Money on Replacing Your Current Policy

If you’ve purchased a policy in the past 10 years and were classified as a smoker due to infrequent cigarette use, I would say that’s worth a call.  Replacing a “Smokers” policy with a Non Smoking policy should save you at least 50%, depending on your age and how long you’ve had the policy.

Non Tobacco Rates for Cigar Smokers

Cigar Smokers Beware! Be careful here.  Many carriers don’t distinguish between the pipe/cigar smoker and a cigarette smoker, so if you apply with the wrong insurance carrier, you’ll pay for it!  However, some carriers offer non tobacco ratings as long as you are a responsible, occasional user.  By most carriers’ guidelines, that means not more than one celebratory cigar or pipe per month, and you must test negative for nicotine in your urine analysis.  Usually your best case scenario is Preferred Non Tobacco.

The good news is that there are a few carriers that are trailblazers in the non-cigarette tobacco category.  VOYA and American General, for example, offer their Best Rating (Preferred Plus) to these responsible tobacco users.  I’ve also seen Preferred offers from Banner Life and Genworth.  Then there’s Lincoln Financial, a company with great 30 year term life insurance rates, who allows up to 24 cigars per year, still offering their preferred non tobacco rating.  Of course, your urine analysis (HOS) must test negative for nicotine to get this rate.  This is great news for cigar users, because some people don’t want to buy life insurance from American General right now, even though they allow a cigar per week!  Lincoln  is a great alternative for them.

Your best choice for life insurance for cigar smokers may be Prudential, who not only will allow unlimited cigars, chew, and pipe smoking, but will even let you test positive for nicotine, and still give you non tobacco ratings.  It’s important to note here that Prudential’s non tobacco rating for these tobacco users is usually more expensive than other carriers’ prefbest term life insurance rates for smokerserred non tobacco ratings.  But it’s still better than paying tobacco rates!

I also found out that Cincinnati Life Insurance Company has become more lenient about allowing the occasional cigar, and will now allow “not more than 10-12 cigars per year”. In addition, you can test positive for nicotine.  All of the carriers want the HOS, or home office specimen, to be negative, except Prudential and Cincinnati Life.

Unfortunately, Met Life still allows just 4 celebratory cigars per year.  That’s too bad.  They also have great 30 year term prices.  I would send them a lot more business if they would give preferred life insurance rates for 12 cigars per year.

As you can see, most life insurance carriers do not distinguish between the man who smokes the occasional Padron and the guy who smokes two packs of cigarettes per day.  This is important because if you smoke cigars and are looking for life insurance, you need to know where to look, or you’ll run the risk of being lumped into the same “tobacco user” category as the daily cigarette smoker, and will shell out two to three times higher than what a “non-tobacco user” pays.

In Summary, Here are a Cigar Smokers’ Best Bets:

1. The Best News:

Preferred Plus (Non-Tobacco) Rates are possible smoking one cigar per week! You can smoke up to one cigar per week, and still qualify as a Preferred Plus Non-Smoker, just like your Olympic Athlete neighbor – At this writing, VOYA and American General are the only carriers making this offer.

  • Cigar use must be admitted at the time of application.
  • No more than one cigar per week.
  • No nicotine metabolites (cotinine) may be present in the urinalysis done for VOYA or AIG, or any other company within the past 12 months.
  • No use of tobacco products other than occasional cigars.

2. Next Best News:

Preferred (Non-Tobacco) Rates possible smoking one cigar per week!  Nationwide allows up to one cigar per week with a Preferred rating possible. If you want a cigar each week, these are the companies you should look for! The same 4 rules apply as are noted above.

3. The Good News: 

Preferred (Non-Tobacco) Rates are possible smoking up to 24 cigars per year! In addition to VOYA and AIG, if you smoke up to 2 cigars per month, American National, Aviva, Lincoln Financial and Minnesota Life should be part of your search.  Your experienced, independent agent is the one to help you find the right carrier for your unique health and lifestyle history.

4. The OK News:

Preferred Plus (Non-Tobacco) Rates for those that smoke only 12 cigars per year.  Many insurance companies will allow one celebratory cigar per month, as long as the same criteria is met.  Assurity, AXA-Equitable, Banner, Genworth, John Hancock, Mutual of Omaha, Nationwide, North American, SBLI and Transamerica all allow up to 12 cigars annually for their best possible rating.

5. More Good News:

If you Smoke MORE than 1 cigar per week and test positive for nicotine – Non Tobacco Rates are still available. You have Prudential, who has a special class “Non Smoker Plus” that allows the cigar smoker to smoke as much as he or she wants and test positive for nicotine on the urine test, still offering Non Tobacco rates!

However, their non smoker plus rates won’t be as affordable as preferred with other competitive life insurance companies. The best thing you can do if you’re a cigar smoker looking for life insurance is speak to a knowledgeable independent agent who can assess your case and take it the carrier who will give you the best offer.

Electronic Cigarettes – The Wave of the Future?  Or Smoking by Another Name? 

life insurance rates for smokersMany people are switching from traditional nicotine products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco to a new alternative known as electronic cigarettes.

In many ways, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or tobacco “vaping” is considered by users to be a healthier alternative. But, the big question is: How do life insurance underwriters view electronic cigarettes…and is it easier to obtain life insurance for electronic cigarette users than traditional smokers? 

Are E-Cigarettes a Healthier Alternative?

This question is a double edge sword. Traditional tobacco products contain as many as 4,000 thousand forms of chemical compounds, several of which are known carcinogens or those which cause various types of cancer and numerous other health hazards.

However, electronic cigarettes, which were first introduced in 2003, do contain nicotine, which is a habit forming drug. Although very few health studies have been performed on these products, nicotine, which metabolizes into “cotinine”, is, in itself, a harmful product.

Nicotine, or the metabolized form of cotinine, is known to cause a rise in blood pressure which can have adverse health effects such as an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Another issue is that the new e-cig industry is not highly regulated and some of these vaping products also use flavoring agents to enhance their appeal to users, which contain a variety of chemical compounds.

The health risks posed by electronic cigarettes are not fully known.

According to M. Brad Drummond, MD of Johns Hopkins “E-cigarettes may be less harmful than cigarettes,” Drummond says. “But we still don’t know enough about their long-term risks or the effects of secondhand exposure.” Web MD 

How Do Life Insurers Rate Electronic Cigarettes?

The result is that as many as 9 out of 10 life insurance underwriters will rate e-cigarettes in the same manner as any other type of traditional tobacco products.

But, don’t be discouraged.  Not all life insurers are the same, some companies are much more lenient than others. At the time of this writing, insurance companies are in the process of ongoing reconsideration of e-cigarettes.  Prudential will consider a non-smoker rating for those that indulge – and as we learned in the cigar-smoking chapter, they are one company that is ok with a positive urine test for nicotine!

Another problem faced by life insurers is the blood test required for the medical exam. The insurer is looking specifically to find evidence of cotinine which indicates that you are using or ingesting nicotine containing products.

The largest obstacle is that insurers cannot ascertain whether you are consuming regular tobacco products or are just restricting yourself to vaping. Either way, they view the ingestion of nicotine as being harmful in and of itself.

Where to Find the Best Rates for Electronic Cigarettes?

If you are using e-cigarettes, and especially if you are only an occasional user, the best way to find the most affordable rates is though an independent life insurance agent.Best life insurance rates for electronic cigarettes

Independent agents, such as Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services, have access to dozens of life insurance companies. We know which are more liberal and provide the best rates for consumers of electronic cigarettes or for other pre-existing health issues. We also keep up with the myriad changes that occur throughout our industry, as carriers constantly evaluate and adjust their underwriting guidelines as personal habits change.

If you are only an occasional user of electronic cigarettes, there are some life insurers which will give you a better rating than others that lump all tobacco or alternative vaping users into the same category – whether you use the products regularly or infrequently.

Keep in mind, if you cease smoking or using electronic cigarettes completely for at least 1 year, we can set you up with a life insurance company that will be happy to re-evaluate your health situation and will most likely reduce your premiums after a review.

Not all companies do this, but an independent agent such as myself, know which companies are more liberal in their nicotine-related ratings.

Non Tobacco Life Insurance Rates for Tobacco Chewers & Nicotine Gum or Patch Users

Tobacco and nicotine products can be consumed in a many forms. Aside from smoking, people can chew tobacco, or use Nicorette or other brands of nicotine gum, or make use of a nicotine patch to help them quit smoking.  You probably wonder why I would lump those three products together – one that is a USE of tobacco, while the others are meant to help us QUIT using tobacco. The answer is that for the most part, most life insurance companies DO NOT make any real distinction between use of tobacco, and other types of consumed  nicotine products.

The good news is that there is at least ONE company who will classify you as a non smoker.  And you guessed it – Prudential! 

This solid, A+ rated company,  is  offering a special  ‘Non Tobacco’ rating as long as you haven’t smoked any cigarettes in the past year, but still chew tobacco or use a nicotine patch or gum.  The best part is there’s no limit to your tobacco use.  You can even test positive for nicotine in a blood analysis, and still be approved at their non tobacco rate! Another top carrier that has loosened their ratings for ‘other forms of tobacco use’ is Lincoln Financial who allow for pipe smoking, cigar, gum and patch in their Standard Non Smoker class.  You must pass the nicotine lab test to insurance for smokers tobacco

How Other Life Insurance Companies Rate Tobacco Users

There are generally 3 specific categories you might fall into when a company has identified your use of tobacco. Before I outline how they rate tobacco users, I want to make to very clear that it is vital that you never lie about your tobacco consumption. This form of deceit is fraudulent and can cause your claim to be denied if they discover you failed to reveal the truth about your tobacco use. Always be honest about it.

1. Regular Users of Tobacco Related Products:

If you are a regular user of tobacco products, regardless if you chew, smoke it from pipe or use an electronic cigarette, you will be evaluated and charged a premium the same as a pack a day cigarette smoker by most companies, except the 1 company I made reference to in this article.  All others will classify you as smokers if you test positive for nicotine in the urine exam except with this one company.

Regular users of tobacco products are generally charged 2-3 times what a non-smoker would pay for a life insurance policy, be it term, whole life or universal life. It doesn’t matter the type of policy and pretty much applies to everyone who uses tobacco related products.

2. Non-Tobacco Rating for Occasional Use of Tobacco Related Products:

Many people only smoke a pipe, or chew tobacco rarely and usually on a special occasion, and if they were to take a urine sample, would test negative. They are not regular users, so they may be treated slightly differently.

It depends on the company. Some life insurance companies make no differentiation whether you smoke or chew 10 times a day and if you only indulge once a month. The good news is that some life insurance companies will give you some latitude on how much they charge for very infrequent use such as once per month. Best case scenario, you may be able to qualify for the best non tobacco rating with occasional (non-cigarette) tobacco use.

To qualify for this better rating, you must NOT test positive for nicotine in a blood analysis.

3. Non Use of Tobacco Related Products:

You might be thinking about quitting completely or have already quit the use of all tobacco related products. How will that affect the cost of your premium for a life insurance policy?

This depends and varies from company to company. Most companies will classify you as a non-smoker if you’ve managed to completely quit the habit for 1 year. At this point, you can generally qualify for standard non tobacco rates with most companies, although a handful will approve you at better than standard after quitting for just 1 year.

The maximum period where you will be deemed as a non-smoker or tobacco consumer is 5 years and this applies to all companies that I’m aware of. To sum it up, you don’t have to pay tobacco rates if you smoke a pipe, chew tobacco or snuff, or use electronic cigarettes.  Call us for non tobacco rates at 877-443-9467.

Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers

Yes, you can still be approved for life insurance if you smoke marijuana, even without a prescription.

At what cost will you be approved, you ask?  Well, life insurance carriers vary widely on how they treat pot smokers.  If you admit to smoking marijuana in the past 3 years, you certainly won’t qualify for their preferred non tobacco ratings.

I’ve seen some carriers offer as good as standard non tobacco for a “social marijuana smoker” who admitted to smoking marijuana not more than once per year.

Note: this same company would not offer their non smoker ratings to someone who smokes one cigarette per year.  Go figure.

***Important: Read what can happen if you don’t disclose pot use on life insurance application***

The more prevalent treatment of marijuana users would be to classify them as smokers.  In this case, they would pay what a cigarette smoker would pay in comparable health, which at least doubles the premium.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have some carriers who say since it’s illegal almost everywhere, they won’t offer life insurance to pot smokers.

If you do smoke the occasional joint (marijuana cigarette), and end up with a smoker’s offer, the best solution here is to take out the insurance you need, pay the smoker’s premiums, and quit smoking pot.

After a year, you can reapply for coverage with a different carrier, and if you’re still healthy, will have a great chance of getting a standard non tobacco rating, which will save you about 50% on average.

As of this writing, we have 14 companies that will consider any and all marijuana use as Smoker’s rates.  However, we Life Insurance for Smokers Potcurrently have 6 carriers that will consider Non Smoker’s rates from Standard, all the way to Preferred Best, depending on the frequency of use.

So, if you smoke pot twice a year, once on your Anniversary and once while on vacation, then you could qualify for Preferred Best rates from American General!  Or, if you smoke twice a month, and you test negative, you could get a non-smoker rating of Standard Plus from Prudential.  If you smoke as often as twice a week, but test negative, then you could get a non-smoker rating of Preferred from Aviva! 

It’s important to understand you can only qualify for a standard non tobacco rate or preferred smoker rate with full disclosure on the application.  Even though many life insurance carriers’ blood test do not test for marijuana, you most definitely should disclose your smoking.

For one reason, if you don’t it’s fraud.  Secondly, if you die within two years of the policy date, the insurance company is entitled to investigate before paying the death benefit.  They will pull medical records and if they find THC in them, they have grounds to deny the claim, since you made a material misrepresentation on the application which would have led them to either deny you coverage or offer it at a different rate.

You may be smoking marijuana with a prescription.  In this case, you are much more likely to see non tobacco ratings.  The bigger issue here will be what underlying medical condition you have for which marijuana has been prescribed as a treatment.

It is commonly prescribed to people with glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy, and intestinal problems.  (I’ve read that THC is very good for cancer)  Setting marijuana use aside, any of these conditions will either be rated or cause a declined application on their own.

So the severity of your underlying condition will be the primary factor determining your offer. The underwriter will need to see records from the doctor that prescribed the marijuana, to determine what rate your medical condition warrants.

For example, one of my clients suffered from residual pain due to an injury 10 years past, had a Rx for medical marijuana, which he ‘vaped’ daily.  Prudential rated him Standard Plus (non-smoker) despite his admitted daily use.

If you’re smoking marijuana illegally, and disclose this on the application, rest assured that this information is protected by HIPAA laws.  Your agent or insurance company cannot “turn you in” to the authorities.  So there are no criminal implications of admitting to being a marijuana smoker on a life insurance application.

Key Articles to Reference:

What Type of Policies are Available for Smokers?

There are 4 types of life insurance policies available and they include Term Life Insurance, Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance and Universal Life. Virtually all types of life insurance are obtainable, if you smoke.  However, we focus only on the two safest forms of coverage – Term and Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL).

  1. Termis the most affordable form of life insurance, hands down, for smokers and nonsmokers alike. This type of policy covers you for a specified period of years known as a ‘Term’ which can be 10, 20 or 30 years, for examplesmokers life insurance quotes. You pay a set premium for that term and this type of policy provides a death benefit.  However, once that term is up, it will have to be replaced with another policy if your need for life insurance still exists.  Most Term policies are also Convertible, which simply means that instead of ending, they can be Converted to a permanent policy if replacement is cost-prohibitive.
  2. Guaranteed Universal Lifeis our other set-premium form of coverage.  It is guaranteed to remain in force, as long as you pay the agreed premium, well into old age. You can select a policy that will take you to age 90, 100, or for as long as you live, no matter how long you live.  This policy is more expensive than the Term policy, however, it lasts longer and will never need to be replaced, which is a comfort, especially to our older clients who don’t want to have to qualify for, or afford a new policy once they reach 60, 70 or 80 years old.  You also have the option of buying term life insurance in addition to having a guaranteed universal life insurance policy to tide you over for short time periods when you want or think you need extra coverage.

We don’t recommend traditional Whole Life or Universal Life policies to our clients.  They combine life insurance with a non-guaranteed investment element, and these investments simply do not seem to make good financial sense for our clients, so we do not offer them.

We can help!

Current Smoker? Recently Quit? E-cigarette user? Cigars? Chew? Marijuana Smoker?

No matter what your situation, we can help find the best solution.  We do our research, and will find a reputable company to make you the best offer available, delivering a policy that fits you like a glove.

Simply use quote form to your right, or call us directly at 877-443-9467 and we will be happy to help you find the coverage you need to provide financial security for your loved ones.

Your Turn

What did you think about our “life insurance for smokers” article?  Did you learn something new?  Agree or disagree?

Let us know in the comments.