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Life Insurance for 30 to 39 Years Old

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Term life insurance quotes age 30 to 39 Years Old

How to protect your loved ones with term life insurance!

If you’re 30 to 39 years old, here’s why you should think about buying term life insurance now.

It’s going to save you money!

You’ll never be as young or healthy as you are today.

Inexpensive Term Policies for People Aged 30 – 39

Term life insurance policies are still exceptionally affordable if you are in this age group. If you hold off until you get into your forties then it’s going to cost a lot more money with each passing year.

A term policy is the most basic and inexpensive type of life insurance policy which is available. But, all life insurance policies become increasingly more costly as you get older.

And, as you get older, you are very likely going to start developing health issues which could make buying a policy even more costly.

The bottom line is that if you need life insurance in this age group, then don’t delay buying it any longer. You will save money and your family will have that financial security it needs.

How Affordable is Term Insurance for a 30 – 39 Year Old?

The ‘proof is the pudding’ as they say, so I have some great sample quotes for you to check out so you can see how inexpensive these policies are for your age group.

I ran some quotes for a 30 year term policy for your age group. These are Preferred Plus rates for a non-smoker and for someone in excellent health.

Term Life Insurance Quotes for Ages 30 – 39

                        30 Year Term life Insurance Quotes for Males Aged 30 – 39
                     Monthly Premium
Age $100,000.00 $250,000.00 $500,000 $1,000,000
30 Year Old Male $13.00 $19.00 $33.00 $59.00
31 Year Old Male $13.00 $19.00 $33.00 $60.00
32 Year Old Male $13.00 $19.00 $34.00 $61.00
33 Year Old Male $14.00 $20.00 $35.00 $64.00
34 Year Old Male $14.00 $21.00 $36.00 $65.00
35 Year Old Male $14.00 $22.00 $38.00 $69.00
36 Year Old Male $15.00 $23.00 $40.00 $73.00
37 YearOld Male $16.00 $24.00 $43.00 $79.00
38 Yeay Old Man $16.00 $25.00 $46.00 $84.00
39 Year Old Man $17.00 $27.00 $49.00 $92.00

(Disclaimer – These quotes are good as of April 18, 2013)

Reasons to Get Term a Policy in your Thirties

The biggest reason most people in your age group opt to buy term insurance is for income replacement. If you’re the primary breadwinner in your family, then you have to think about what’s going to happen if your family no longer has your income available.

Nobody plans to die or become ill, but it happens to everyone at some point in their life. There are no guarantees in life.  But, after you’re gone, it’s the survivors who have to pick up the pieces and get on with life.

There’s one other huge thing about life – it’s not cheap!

You want to have a financial cushion in place that preferably lasts until you retire at the very least. A term life insurance policy is the ideal solution.

Term insurance is the most affordable form of life insurance and you can choose a term that is ideal for your individual circumstances.

Types of Term Policies Available for People 30 – 39 Years Old

For some, a 20 year term might be ideal while for others, a 30 year term is more suitable. And, did you also know that you can a policy which is age specific such as age 55 or 65? Most people don’t know about these other options.

You can also choose from 3 types of term policies which include:

Level Term – The premium and death benefits stay the same for the length of the term
Decreasing Term – The death benefits decrease over the life of the term with a fixed premium (generally cheaper than a level term)
Increasing Term – The death benefits increase at predetermined amounts and at specific times as does the premium you pay (Can be ideal for someone who is on a tight budget now but sees better times ahead, or has a greater financial need down the road).

As you can see, you have a whole bunch of options in selecting a term policy that’s tight for you and your loved ones.

Have Health Concerns?

We can help also help you if have a health problem or a disability. Insurance companies rate people differently so I know which ones are more lenient.  Health issues vary considerably so your best approach if you’re not sure what to do is to give me a call so we can discuss your options.

Get Approved in 15 Minutes or Less

If you are in great health, and know you’ll qualify for coverage, you can apply for coverage online using this link:  15 Minute Approval

• No Medical Exam
Coverage Effective in 24 hours, on average
• No Speaking with an Agent
• *Competitive Pricing
• Immediate Decision on Approval

Click Here to Get Started!

*Note: With convenience, you pay a premium. No exam policies cost about 10%-20% more than exam policies. For the absolute lowest price on life insurance, see below.

Apply Online Without Speaking to an Agent

If you are in great health, and want the convenience of applying online, but still getting the rock bottom prices, use this link: Apply Online

• No Speaking with an Agent
Medical exam is Required
• Approval may take 4-6 weeks
• Apply for same policies you would through an agent at the Best Prices!

Click Here to Get Started!

If you have any questions, call us at 877-443-9467, and we’ll be happy to help.
You can connect with Chris Huntley on Google Plus or Facebook.

*Written by Chris Huntley. Huntley Wealth Insurance and its representatives do not give legal or tax advice. Please consult your own legal or tax adviser.
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Chris Huntley
Chris Huntley is the owner of Huntley Wealth Insurance, a San Diego life insurance agency. You can find him on Google + and Facebook. Over the past 8 years, Chris has consulted with over 2000 individuals about their insurance needs. He is a proud husband and father to three adorable girls.
Chris Huntley
Chris Huntley

If you’re 30 to 39 years old, here's why you should think about buying term life insurance now. It’s going to save you money! You'll never be as young or healthy as you are today. Term life insurance policies are still exceptionally affordable if you are in this age group. If you hold off until [...]

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  • josh lee September 23, 2014, 5:48 pm

    32 yr old healthy male looking for 30 yr $500,000 in life insurance

    • Chris Huntley September 24, 2014, 9:02 pm

      Hello Josh,
      We would be more than happy to put quotes together for you. In order to find the best rates and policies for you, we will need to know a little more about you. One of my colleagues will be in touch with a few questions.

  • wanda degolyer April 30, 2015, 8:00 pm

    I am a 33year old female with health issues and can’t find anyone who will accept me and give me life insurance can u help me

    • Chris Huntley May 25, 2015, 2:00 am

      Hi Wanda,
      We need to know more about your health issues. Give us a call and we will try to help you. 877-443-9467

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