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Helping Students Attend College Who Have Lost a Parent

Hanna's Story

Hanna Boykin Lost Both of Her Parents in a 14 Month Period

Imagine waking up one day to find you've lost your mother, and then within months reliving the pain when your father passes away as well.

To make matters worse, you're a teenager with 5 siblings and your parents had no life insurance.

This is the sad but true story of Hanna Boykin, the recipient of Huntley Wealth's inaugural Care Scholarship in the Spring of 2017.

Hanna had no idea where she would live after losing her parents, let alone how she would fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse.

Scholarship Details and Requirements

The Huntley Wealth Care Scholarship awards $3,500 in prize money twice per year, in the Fall and the Spring, to high school seniors and college students.

Scholarships are awarded to students who have lost one or both parents, who either had no life insurance or were underinsured.


You may submit an article or a video to be considered for the scholarship.

#1 – Article submissions must be at least 500 words and may be written in MS Word or a Google Document.  Please email your article (or a link to it) to: [email protected].

#2 – Video submissions should be 1 to 3 minutes in length (an amateur cell phone recording is fine).

In either case, tell us your story.

  • Who did you lose?
  • How did that impact your life financially and how do you think your situation would be different if your parent would have had life insurance?
  • Where are you attending (or planning to attend) college and what are you studying?
  • How would this scholarship money help you?

video iconUpload your video to Youtube or any other video hosting platform, and email your video url to [email protected].

The winners will be selected based on needs and the overall persuasiveness and quality of their video/article submissions.


  • Each year, two $2,500 cash scholarships and two $1,000 cash scholarships will be awarded 
  • One $2,500 scholarship for “best video” and one $1,000 scholarship for the “runner-up” will be awarded in the Fall, and the same in the Spring.
  • Submission Deadlines:  Submissions must be received by February 28th, 2018 (Spring) and September 30th, 2018 (Fall).
  • Winners will be announced via email and announced on our Facebook page by March 15, 2018 (Spring) and October 15th, 2018 (Fall).
  • Applicants agree to grant Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services lifetime license of the article or video submission, agreeing it may be displayed and shared in our marketing materials, including, but not limited to, our website and social media channels.  See our Privacy Page for more details.
  • Copyrighted Material – Please do not use any copyrighted images or music in your video.

lightbulbBe Creative!  For example, you don’t have to record yourself (selfie-style), although that is more than acceptable.  If you’re not comfortable with that, you might try recording slides/pictures on your computer screen.


  • Students must be 17 years old to apply.
  • Immediate family members (children or siblings) of Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services are not eligible.
  • Any field of study is acceptable.
  • There is currently No GPA requirement.
  • High school seniors and college students are eligible – High school seniors must include in their email submission the name of their current high school and the name of the college they plan to attend next year.  
  • College students (undergraduate students only) must provide a copy of their unofficial transcript and email it to us (pdf file is preferred) with your video or article submission.
  • Email submissions must use the subject line “HW Scholarship Submission”.  Please include your name, phone #, and mailing address.
  • If submitting a video, scholarship recipients must provide Huntley Wealth the full winning video file in wav or mp4 format to collect funds.
  • Students must attend school in the U.S.
  • Scholarship recipients and non-recipients may re-apply each semester.
  • Scholarship funds must be used for education related expenses.

Thank you!  We look forward to receiving your article and video submissions!

Life Insurance Ownership Statistics

While the point of our Care Scholarship is to give back to the community, obviously, the stories we read and watch here are a real slap in the face (especially for those of us who are parents) to ensure we have proper life insurance in place.

In fact, the numbers are grim.

  • LIMRA estimates that more than 37 Million U.S. households have no life insurance at all
  • Over 40% of Americans would feel a financial impact within 6 months if the primary bread-winner were to die
  • Yet 65% of Americans say they won’t buy because they believe it’s too expensive or services like internet, cable, and cell phone bills are preventing them from buying

We simply are not ok with these excuses.  

So our message to you is this:

If you don’t have life insurance and you have a spouse or children who depend on your income, get it today!

There’s really no excuse:

So whether it’s from Huntley Wealth or another agency, we don’t care.  Please, just start the process!

If you are interested in getting a quote from Huntley Wealth, here’s a bit about us:

We’re an independent life insurance agency out of San Diego, CA, specializing in serving clients 50 and over.

We are passionate about helping individuals obtain the most affordable coverage that fits their financial plan, especially to those with high risk medical conditions.

At Huntley Wealth our tagline is:

“From Bad Hearts to Missing Parts, We’ve Got You Covered”

We help clients with medical issues ranging from mild conditions, such as high blood pressure & high cholesterol, to diabetes or history of stroke, heart attack, or cancer, including tough cases like gettting life insurance for 70 to 75 year olds.

We are also passionate about helping you discover how much life insurance you need, the benefits of term vs. whole life insurance, and enjoy helping affluent families as well as business owners with their special needs.

Call us at 877-443-9467 or click here for a quote.

Past Winners

monique pyne - huntley wealth care scholarship winner fall 2017

Monique Pyne - Runner Up Winner for Fall 2017 Scholarship 

Matthew Town - Winner of Huntley Wealth Care Scholarship Fall 2017

Matthew Town - Winner of Fall 2017 Scholarship

hanna boykin - huntley wealth cares scholarship

Hanna Boykin - Winner of Spring 2017 Scholarship

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