Finding the right Corvette insurance depends on a good amount of comparison shopping for an insurance provider that offers the best value.

This goes beyond choosing a policy with a low rate, to the more involved process of picking a policy with the right coverage for your vehicle.

Without a great insurance policy, you may be held responsible for costly repairs in the event of an accident.

When selecting a policy, make sure you fully understand who is covered by your Corvette insurance, as well as whether you’re covered when driving a rental car or traveling outside of the country.

No matter which insurance provider you choose, the cost of your policy is determined by many factors, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Driving Experience
  • Residence
  • Accident History
  • Make of Vehicle
  • Model of Vehicle
  • Year of Vehicle

To determine the cost of your Corvette insurance, you have to understand how insurance companies think about risk, based on the car you’re driving.

How Much Is Insurance On a Corvette?

corvette insurance

When shopping for Corvette insurance, you may find that some providers offer high premiums, while others offer cheaper policies.

These price variations are due to insurance providers with outdated information, as well as different quoting processes that take varying factors into account when underwriting insurance policies.

Besides the car you’re driving, a number of factors can impact the cost of your insurance policy. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of these factors.

Corvette Safety Rating and Damage Threshold

When it comes to the cost of your car insurance policy, the safety rating and damage threshold of your vehicle greatly impact your rates. A lower safety rating equates a higher risk, so your provider will usually charge you a higher insurance premium.

In recent years, the Corvette hasn’t been safety tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA). Subsequently, the brand has had to issue multiple recalls.

This lack of safety testing is likely to result in higher premiums since the auto insurance providers can’t accurately calculate the risk associated with Corvette insurance. Recalls don’t directly affect your insurance policy, as the insurance provider isn’t responsible for costs incurred by recalls.

However, a history of recalls may result in higher base premiums if they indicate a vehicle with a low damage threshold.

Vehicle NameOverall RatingFrontal Crash RatingSide Crash RatingRollover Rating
2016 Chevrolet Corvette C RWDNot ratedNot ratedNot ratedNot rated
2017 Chevrolet Corvette C RWDNot ratedNot ratedNot ratedNot rated
2018 Chevrolet Corvette C RWDNot ratedNot ratedNot ratedNot rated

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When insurance providers calculate the premiums for comprehensive and collision coverage of your Corvette insurance policy, one of the things they take into account is the overall cash value of your car. As the value of your car goes up, so does the risk to the insurance provider.

Corvette Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

The cash value of your vehicle depends on its exact year and model.

Kelley Blue Book provides weekly updates in current cash values by zip code.

Vehicle NameFair Purchase PriceOut-the-door Target Price
2017 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray$53,252$60,445
2018 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray$55,191$60,490
2019 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray$57,584$60,590

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Your Corvette insurance premiums also depend on how often Corvette owners file insurance claims on average, as well as on the car’s potential to cause damage to other vehicles in an accident. Because Corvettes are smaller vehicles, they don’t have a high potential to cause damage, and their claims frequency is moderate. Corvette Claims Frequency & Potential to Cause Damage

Both of these factors may contribute to a lower to moderate insurance rate for this midsize sports car.

Corvette Insurance Discounts

Cars with the latest safety equipment are often subject to discounts on insurance premiums.

Some of the safety features on the latest Corvette models include:

  • Rearview camera
  • Anti-lock braking
  • Upgraded brakes and suspension
  • Electronic limited-slip differential
  • Side and front air bags

Corvette Theft Rate

Your insurance provider will consider the theft rate of your particular vehicle when calculating your insurance premiums.

If your vehicle appears on the NICB’s Hot Wheels report, your insurance provider is taking on a higher risk and therefore your premiums are higher. The Corvette does not currently appear on this report so your insurance may be a bit cheaper.

Shopping for Chevrolet Corvette Insurance

When you’re shopping for Corvette insurance, it’s crucial to do your research. Get quotes from a minimum of three insurance companies for a better idea of the currently available rates, the types of coverage offered by different providers, and how much auto insurance you actually need.

In addition to shopping rates, it’s important to find a licensed and reputable insurance provider that you’re confident is able to fund your claims. Corvette owners who drive classic models may also want to shop for a policy with specialty insurance.

Some questions you may want to ask your prospective providers include:

  • Do you offer discounts for good drivers?
  • Do you offer a discount if I don’t drive my vehicle often?
  • Do you cover specialty repairs?
  • Will my policy include theft coverage, accident coverage, and environmental damage?

What to Know About Corvettes

The Chevrolet Corvette is America’s first sports car, introduced in 1953 and still manufactured by Chevrolet.

For seven generations, Corvettes have offered owners a sleek design and high horsepower. In recent years, Chevrolet has revved up the safety features as well, to better protect Corvette drivers and passengers so that they can concentrate on enjoying this fun, sporty vehicle.