When you own a Kia, insurance may be one of the most significant expenses you incur.

It doesn’t help that auto insurance premiums vary widely, making it hard to estimate your costs before you make a purchase.

Insurance companies use complex algorithms to determine the risks associated with factors, such as your age, gender, location, and driving record, to determine your rates.

One of the most important variables is the make and model of your vehicle.

This is good news because you can get a general idea of your car insurance costs by learning a bit more about the car you own or plan to buy.

How Much Does Kia Insurance Cost, On Average?

Before obtaining Kia insurance quotes from multiple insurers, you should have a general idea of how much coverage you need to carry.

Kia Car Insurance

This changes based on your state’s requirements, what your lienholder requires, and the number of drivers added to your policy.

It would help if you also took some time to check out the ratings and reviews for your vehicle, as the cost of repairs and safety features are a large determinant of your Kia insurance rates.

Safety Rating and Damage Threshold

The base-level Kia Optima and Kia’s mid-sized SUV, the Sorento, both received “Good” safety ratings in every category except Child Seat Anchors Ease of Use.

In this category, these vehicles just received an “Acceptable” rating, due to the anchors’ placement fairly deep into the seat.

These ratings seem fairly standard for Kia vehicles. However, the Kia Forte, Kia Rio, and Kia Soul all also received an “Acceptable” safety rating for the passenger side small overlap, front.

Because of that, these three Kia vehicles may have slightly higher premiums than other models.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

When buying an auto insurance policy, it’s important to remember that the cash value of the car you’re driving also has an impact on the premium,  typically reflected in the cost of comprehensive and collision coverage which pays for damage to your vehicle.

Fortunately, Kias are relatively lower-priced vehicles. The cost of a new 2019 Kia Optima LX in San Francisco is between $21,723 and $23,332, according to Kelley Blue Book.

A used 2017 Kia Sedona EX costs between $24,610 and $28,311 when purchased from a dealer in San Francisco. From these price ranges, you can see that Kias aren’t considered luxury vehicles, and because of that, Kia insurance rates will probably be lower than those for Cadillacs, Land Rovers, or Lexus (read our full “Lexus Car Insurance ” for more information).

Claims Frequency and Potential to Cause Damage

It’s also important to consider the frequency of reported claims for the type of vehicle you drive, because the number of claims filed and the dollar amount of losses can drive up the insurance price for the car.

Unfortunately, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Kia Optima’s claims frequency rating fluctuate between “Average,” “Worse than Average,” and “Substantially Worse,” as does the Kia Forte.

Kia’s SUVs and its minivan fare a bit better though.

The Sportage, Kia’s small SUV; the Sorento, Kia’s midsize SUV; and Sedona, Kia’s minivan, all received “Average,” “Better Than Average,” and “Substantially Better” claims frequency ratings.

This may result in moderately lower insurance premiums for Kia’s SUVs and its minivan.

Insurance Discounts

Safety is essential to all drivers, but what many people don’t realize is just how vital it is to insurance companies.

It’s common for insurance companies to discount policy premiums for cars that have specific safety features.

While the type of discounts available varies between insurers, some of the more common discounts include those for vehicles with anti-lock brakes, passive restraint systems, daytime running lights, rearview cameras, and blind-spot detection warnings.

Kia does an excellent job of building cars with plenty of safety features. New 2019 Kia Sorentos, Niros and Optimas come standard with blind-spot detection and smart cruise control.

They also include electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, full-length side curtain air bags, and front seatbelt pre-tensioners.

The Kia Sedona also has plenty of safety features including an active and passive safety system complete with air bags, seat belts, and a body made from high-strength steel.

Before you start obtaining insurance quotes, you should make a list of all the safety features your vehicle offers.

The agent writing your policy may not be aware of every feature, but if you have the list handy, you can make sure you receive all the discounts available to you.

Who are the Best Companies for Kia Insurance?

Shopping around for auto insurance before making a purchase helps you get the best rates possible for the coverage you want.

Ideally, you should choose an insurance company that offers you a decent price, but you should also consider the companies:

  • Financial ratings – While verifying a company’s financial strength is usually left off consumers’ priority list, it should definitely be considered, as it speaks to the insurer’s ability to fulfill its responsibilities.
  • Customer service ratings – Doing a bit of research in this area can help identify any potential future problems you may have with the company.
  • Claims process and claims satisfaction ratings – Consumer satisfaction with the claims process may be the single most important consideration to keep in mind while researching an insurer, aside from the coverage.

When you’re ready to get Kia insurance quotes, you should make a list of any questions you have for the insurance agent then specify all of your car’s safety features, information on all drivers in your household, and specific details about your vehicle such as the year, make, model, and trim.

Some questions you may want to ask the insurer include:

  • How does a higher deductible affect the premium?
  • Do you offer a good driver discount?
  • Do you offer a discount on cars that aren’t driven a lot?

What Else to Know About Kia

Founded in South Korea in 1944, Kia is that country’s oldest car manufacturer.

The company was awarded the Highest Ranking Mass Market Brand in Initial Quality, four years in a row from J.D. Power.

It’s also ranked 69th on Interbrand’s 2017 List of 100 Best Global Brands, and was recognized on Kelley Blue Book’s 10 Most Awarded Brands for 2017 list.

Once you understand how your vehicle ranks in posted studies and how this ranking affects your insurance, take the time to obtain several Kia insurance quotes before making a purchase.

The more information you have, the easier it is to choose a car insurance policy that fits your needs.