As you’re shopping for the best Massachusetts car insurance, obtaining at least three insurance quotes is essential.

While personal factors such as your gender, age, negative or good credit score, and driving history influence your insurance premiums, your geographic region can also affect its cost.

Whether you live in Boston, Brockton, Springfield, or Plymouth Rock, we can help you find the best car insurance rates, the best car insurance company, and the best auto insurance coverage.

Researching what others in your area pay for coverage and arming yourself with competing offers can help you get the best deal on auto insurance, no matter what your situation.

Keep in mind in the Bay State, Massachusetts state minimum insurance law requires the following types of coverage: Liability Insurance, PIP or Personal Injury Protection, Property Damage Liability, and Uninsured Motorist Coverage.

Use the following information to understand how Massachusetts’ unique factors influence what residents pay for car insurance coverage, and learn how to get an auto insurance policy that you can afford.

11 Best Providers of the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

Here are the top providers of cheap car insurance in MA:

  1. Allstate
  2. Progressive
  3. Liberty Mutual
  4. MetLife
  5. Travelers Car Insurance
  6. Esurance
  7. USAA
  8. Geico
  9. Hanover
  10. Amica
  11. Arbella


allstate car insurance logo

Home of the Safe Driving Bonus Check that rewards you with money for every six accident-free months, Allstate has served good drivers for more than 80 years.

It offers a wide variety of car insurance add-ons, as well as other coverages such as boat, motorcycle, and home insurance.

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progressive logo

Progressive Insurance is known for its unique Name Your Price tool.

Since its establishment in 1937, the company has set numerous industry car insurance policy firsts, including accepting premiums in monthly installments and offering lower rates to drivers less likely to file insurance claims.

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Liberty Mutual

liberty mutual insurance logo

Liberty Mutual is another top auto insurance provider in Massachusetts, with 6.5 percent of the market share.

This company, founded in 1912, is the fourth-largest insurance company in the world.

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metlife car insurance

This leading name in life and disability insurance is also a big name in the car insurance field.

Metlife offers extra coverage to pay off leases or loans after a vehicle is totaled, financial reimbursements for new car replacements, and a variety of add-on programs like towing and roadside assistance.

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Travelers Auto Insurance

travelers insurance logo

Travelers Insurance is the largest auto insurance provider in Massachusetts as of 2017, holding over 7.5 percent of the state’s market.

This multinational insurer has held a spot on the Fortune 500 list consistently since 1995 and is the recipient of multiple awards.

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esurance car insurance logo

Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, created an online Coverage Counselor tool that helps customers determine how much insurance is right for their needs.

The company also helps people build good driving habits and score discounts through its DriveSense mobile app.

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USAA Auto Insurance

usaa insurance

USAA was founded in 1922 when a small group of U.S. Army officers decided to insure each other’s vehicles.

The young insurance company soon expanded to other active military officers and service members as well as their immediate families.

Today, USAA provides a variety of insurance products.

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geico logo

Located in Maryland, Government Employee Insurance Company or Geico is the second-largest insurance agency within the United States next to State Farm.

Founded in 1936 by Leo Goodwin Sr. and his wife Lillian Goodwin, it was an insurance company created to serve Federal government employees and their families.

Today, Geico offers a wide range of insurance products to cover your family, and it one of the cheaper full coverage options for younger drivers within Massachusetts.

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The Hanover Insurance Group logoCreated in 1852 in Worcester, Massachusetts, Hanover Insurance is one of the longest continuous businesses within the United States.

Assuming you have a clean driving record, Hanover Insurance offers one of the cheapest, minimal insurance coverage within the Bay State.

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amica logoCreated in 1907 in Rhode Island, Amica is the oldest auto insurer in the United States.

Rated an A+ by A.M. Best for customer service and financial strength, Amica offers several insurance products. Amica is also one of the cheapest options for drivers in Massachusetts who’ve received a traffic ticket.

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Founded in 1988 as a New England insurance provider in Quincy, Massachusetts, Arbella offers business, home, and car insurance.

Arbella is competitive with cheap car insurance rates if you’ve happened to have one at-fault crash in Massachusetts.

A.M. Best rated it Excellent in financial strength.


Average Cost of Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Massachusetts residents pay some of the highest auto insurance premiums in the country; the state ranks 9th on the Insurance Information Institute’s 2015 Top 10 Most Expensive States for Auto Insurance list.

According to the 2017 report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average premium in Massachusetts for 2015 is $1,129.29, which is higher than the national median of $1,009.38.

On average, premiums increased nearly $30 a year from 2011 to 2015.

However, auto insurance premiums in Massachusetts hover around the midpoint of the insurance costs of bordering states.

Drivers in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York pay higher insurance premiums, while drivers in Vermont and New Hampshire pay somewhat less.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Massachusetts$1,129.29
Average Cost of Car Insurance in Connecticut$1,151.07
Average Cost of Car Insurance in Rhode Island$1,303.50
Average Cost of Car Insurance in Vermont$764.02
Average Cost of Car Insurance in New Hampshire$818.75
Average Cost of Car Insurance in New York$1,360.66
Countrywide Average Cost of Car Insurance$1,009.38

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When your insurance company calculates your premium, it takes not only personal factors into account but also where you live.

Some states are more densely populated, face more vehicular crime, and experience more accident-related auto fatalities than others.

These elements can all influence your premium, both negatively and positively.

Traffic Conditions

Highways with heavy traffic are likely to have more car accidents, which can affect the cost of coverage for drivers. Unfortunately according to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths.

According to the NAIC, in 2014, the miles traveled by all vehicles on all highways in Massachusetts were 1,581,804, a number significantly higher than the countrywide average of 724,348.

However, the rate of traffic fatalities was 0.57 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles, notably less than the 1.08 national average.

This indicates that Massachusetts drivers may drive more responsibly than in other parts of the country, despite traveling greater distances.

Crime Rates

In states especially prone to vehicle thefts, insurance companies typically charge higher premiums to offset the elevated risk of insuring autos, particularly those that are statistically more likely to be stolen.

In 2016, 118.3 vehicles per 100,00 inhabitants were stolen in Massachusetts.

That number is fewer than the 236.9 national average.

The cars most likely to be taken, according to the NCIB’s Hot Wheels Report, are Honda Accords and Civics, which accounted for roughly 1,000 of the vehicle thefts in 2016.

Other commonly stolen vehicles included Toyota Camrys and Corollas, Dodge Caravans, and Nissan Altimas.

Population Density

The more densely populated a region, the higher the risk of car collisions.

According to the NAIC, Massachusetts had a high population density of 861 people per square mile in 2014, versus the national average of just 90 people per square mile.

Disposable Income

While disposable income doesn’t directly influence insurance rates, it can lead to higher premiums.

In 2014, the average Massachusetts household had $50,366 in annual disposable income, and the countrywide average was $40,859.

The above demographic studies show that individuals living in Massachusetts have a higher risk of insurance claims due to increased population and traffic density.

Add in their higher disposable income amounts which correlate to more expensive vehicles on the road, and you can see why insurance rates are above average in Massachusetts.

What Is Mandatory For Car Insurance In Massachusetts?

To register and drive a vehicle in Massachusetts, you must purchase the state minimum required auto insurance coverage.

The state insurance requirements demand every driver living in your household that is related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption, along with anyone who may occasionally drive your car. Massachusetts is also a no-fault state, meaning if you’re in a car accident and are injured, your insurance plan will cover your damages.

While there are many types of auto insurance available, there are only four that Massachusetts absolutely requires its drivers to carry. These are the minimum coverage requirements:

  • Bodily injury Liability Coverage to others: $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection: $8,000 per person, per accident
  • Bodily Injury Coverage caused by an uninsured motorist: $20,000 per person and 40,000 per accident
  • Damage to someone else’s property: $5,000 per accident

While many states require that drivers provide proof of insurance if they are pulled over, Massachusetts drivers do not have to show an insurance card as proof of coverage.

Since insurance coverage is required to register a car in this state, merely showing the vehicle registration certificate serves as sufficient proof.

If drivers are unable to provide this or other evidence of insurance, they could face a traffic fine or have their car registration suspended.

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Car Insurance in Massachusetts

Before purchasing a vehicle, you might be wondering, “What is the cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts?”

If so, you probably want to think about how you could reduce the cost of your coverage.

For many drivers, car insurance is an expense that costs up to a couple of hundred dollars a month, depending on a range of factors.

While you won’t be able to use discounts to reduce your premium to nothing, there are several ways you might be able to make your payment more manageable.

How Much Coverage You Need

First, consider how much insurance you need.

While it’s generally a good idea to obtain as much liability insurance as you can afford, you may not need some types of coverage for your vehicle, depending on its value.

Other coverage options include collision coverage, covering you if you collide with any object. Comprehensive coverage, also known as full coverage, will protect you from collisions and any fire, hail, vandalism damage and even theft.

Higher Deductible

Another way to snag the best rates is to opt for a higher deductible, which is how much you would pay out of pocket in the event of a covered loss.

A policyholder with a high deductible is less likely to file a claim and poses less of a risk to an insurance company.

When the policyholder does file a claim, the insurer pays out less to repair or replace the vehicle.

For this reason, insurers charge lower premiums for drivers with high deductibles.

Vehicles with Safety Features

Many policyholders who own vehicles with safety features like lane departure warnings, backup cameras and park assistance save money on their premiums because they’re less likely to get into an accident.


To get the best car insurance in Massachusetts, you need to consider the discounts provided by different insurance carriers. Make sure to ask about any available discounts before you receive your car insurance quote.

Many offer discounts for young drivers with good grades, who put less than the annual average mileage on their vehicles, homeowners, or members with more than one car on their policy.

Having more than one policy with the same insurer may also result in lower premiums.

To determine which discounts you qualify for, your insurance agent needs several pieces of information. Records to have on hand include:

  • Your vehicle’s year, make, model, trim package, safety features, and total mileage
  • Where you park your car (such as a private driveway, in a garage, on a parking lot, or the street)
  • How much liability insurance you can afford
  • How much of a deductible you can comfortably afford
  • How many drivers you want on your policy
  • Each driver’s age and driving record
  • Whether you or any drivers on your policy have completed defensive driving courses
  • School grades for any young drivers in your household

What Can Increase the Cost of Your Car Insurance in Massachusetts?

While there are definite factors that can decrease the cost of your car insurance, there are also certain factors that may increase it.

In addition to your geographical location, things that may negatively impact your premium include:

Your Age

Studies show that drivers under the age of 21 and over the age of 70 are more likely to be responsible for an accident.

To offset the higher risk that comes with insuring a driver in these age brackets, an auto insurance provider may charge a higher premium.

Driving Record

While Massachusetts doesn’t have a points system associated with your driver’s license, most auto insurance companies implement a points surcharge system based on traffic violations and criminal offenses such as a DUI.

Drivers who have a poor driving history will likely pay more for coverage.

Car Make, Model, and Year

To calculate your premium, an insurance company needs details about your vehicle to determine how much it would cost to repair or replace in the event of a collision.

Older cars are cheaper to replace and typically less expensive to insure.

Newer vehicles with luxury trim levels cost more to repair or replace and pose a higher risk to insurers.

Shopping For Car Insurance in Massachusetts

When choosing the best car insurance in Massachusetts, you need to consider more than the cost of just your premium.

You must also research a company’s financial stability and outlook, consumer ratings, and claims handling practices.

If you find yourself asking “How much is car insurance in Massachusetts?” it’s important to consider not only how your circumstances influence your premium but how regional factors do as well.

Conducting careful research and obtaining at least three quotes from three different insurers can help you get the best car insurance in Massachusetts.