It’s a truism that most younger drivers struggle to find cheap car insurance, but if you’re male, difficulties can be even greater.

Finding the best car insurance for under-25 males is challenging because insurance providers see this segment of the population as a risky investment.

And any time there’s increased risk involved, higher premiums are the result.

under 25 male driving car

While younger females usually pay less for insurance than their male counterparts, many insurance companies offer discounts geared explicitly toward younger drivers, no matter their gender.

The trick is to find the right provider and the right discounts and put a dent in the high cost of an under-25 male’s insurance rates.

Use this guide to jump-start your shopping efforts and research discounts that help provide the best car insurance for males under-25.

Best Car Insurance Companies for Under-25 Males

While you could see significant savings from the moment you turn 25, there are several things you can do before then to earn valuable discounts.

Not all discounts apply to everyone’s insurance needs, but you should be able to find several that fit your situation.

The quickest way to get the best car insurance for under-25 males is to compare the discounts offered by several insurance providers.

Start with this list of top providers:


progressive home and auto insurance logo

Progressive attempts to treat younger drivers better than other carriers.

While age is an essential factor in determining your car insurance rate, the number of years you’ve been driving is often the more significant factor at Progressive.

Their prices tend to drop significantly at ages 19 and 21, then again at the magic age of 25.

Other insurance companies often charge drivers who drive a lot of miles higher premiums.

In many states, Progressive won’t even ask about your mileage.

You’ll enjoy the same rate no matter how many miles you drive each week.

On the flip side, they don’t offer a discount to low mileage drivers, but you’re generally rewarded for driving less, as well as how and when you drive, with their Snapshot® program.

Compare Rates with Progressive!


quotewizard auto insurance

QuoteWizard matches you with the best provider for your specific insurance needs and qualifying discounts.

Under-25 males who recently graduated from college with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree may earn a college graduate discount from select insurers.

Besides college graduation, you can also receive a discount for graduating from an accredited defensive driving course.

If you work close to home, typically within 15 miles, and mostly use your car to get back and forth to work, you might qualify for a short commute discount.


esurance car insurance logo

Esurance makes it easy to save on under-25 males’ insurance from the start with their Fast 5® discount, which allows you to save 5 percent on your initial premium simply for starting your quote online.

Pay your first and subsequent premiums in one lump sum instead of making monthly payments and you could save up to 10 percent.

If you already have a policy with another insurance company and make the switch to Esurance, you could save 5 percent in many states with a Switch & Save® discount.

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Liberty Mutual

liberty mutual insurance logo

Liberty Mutual offers most standard auto insurance discounts, plus other less common ways to save on insurance for under-25 males.

If you’ve recently moved, Liberty Mutual helps make your moving process more accessible by offering a new move discount just for updating your address on your policy.

Young professionals earn the most significant savings with Liberty’s affinity program.

Take advantage of exclusive group savings, if you’re a member or employee of any of the thousands of employers, credit unions, alumni associations, or groups that participate in the program.


allstate home and auto insurance logo

Allstate rewards policyholders who pay their bills on time.

Get a good payer discount of up to 5 percent when you pay on time for 12 consecutive months.

This discount not only improves rates for under-25 males’ insurance premiums but can also help establish the habit of promptly paying your bills, which in turn, can safeguard your credit score.

Higher credit scores mean lower insurance rates, making it a win-win situation for you.

Even young drivers typically have been insured long enough to start earning loyalty rewards for sticking with the same insurer. (For more information, read our “Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers“).

Allstate offers a premier discount with savings up to 22 percent when you go three years without any violations or accidents, which jumps up to 35 percent when you make it five years and earn a premier plus discount.


travelers insurance logo

Travelers has an affinity program that offers exclusive savings if you’re a member or employee of one of their participating employers, credit unions, or association groups.

Plus, get another discount for signing up through your participating employer to pay your insurance through a payroll deduction.

If you’ve had no gaps in your insurance coverage since you first become insured, no matter the provider, you could be eligible for a continuous insurance discount of up to 15 percent.

Drivers still under age 21 may qualify for a discount upon completion of a driver training course.

Save up to 10 percent on your collision coverage by insuring a vehicle less than three years old.

In a few states, you could also get a whopping 30 percent taken off your premium by keeping your annual miles driven under 13,000.


usaa car insurance

USAA offers some of the best car insurance for males in the military.

USAA caters to military members and their families with discounts specially designed for those who serve their country.

Save up to 15 percent on comprehensive coverage when you garage your vehicle on the military base.

In California, this discount also applies to your collision coverage.

If you need insurance while you’re serving outside the country, they’ll help you set up a USAA International Auto Insurance policy. (For more information, read our “USAA vs. AAA | Auto Insurance Comparison“).

Under-25 males who aren’t currently in the military but were previously on their parent’s military policy for at least three years and had a clean driving record, can sign up for their policy and earn a family discount of up to 10 percent.

Earn extra savings by taking an approved defensive driving course or insuring a vehicle less than three years old.

State Farm

statefarm insurance logo

State Farm allows you to earn up to 50 percent off your under-25 males’ insurance premium when you sign up for their Drive Safe & Save™ program.

Use your vehicle’s OnStar® communication service or a qualifying mobile device to transmit basic information to State Farm, and they’ll use it to calculate your discount at each renewal.

Earn 5 percent off just for signing up, then enjoy more savings depending on how safely you drive.

Drivers under 25 without any moving violations or at-fault accidents over the previous three years could also qualify for their Steer Clear® auto insurance discount.

This program saves you as much as 15 percent while you learn how to become a better, safer driver.

Round this out with a safe driver discount and complete a defensive driving course to earn even more savings.


metlife car insurance

Metlife already offers competitively priced insurance rates, but you could also be eligible for a significant rate reduction if you qualify for an employer or group discount, which might score you savings between 35 and 49 percent off your standard automobile insurance policy.

Group insurance discounts are available through hundreds of different organizations, including credit unions, labor unions, and small and large businesses in the public and private sectors.

Males notably drive more than females, but if you can keep your annual mileage under 7,500, you could receive a restricted mileage discount.

Other discounts are for anti-theft devices such as hood-locking and wheel-locking systems, ignition-cutoff and fuel-cutoff systems, and most devices that make stealing your vehicle more difficult.

These could also help offset higher premiums caused by living in areas with high auto theft rates.

Kelly Klee

kelly klee car insurance

Kelly Klee is an insurance broker that helps you find specialized coverage for antique, classic, collector, and luxury automobiles.

You may need to bundle your auto insurance with other coverages, but affluent under-25 males should appreciate a policy tailored to their high-end vehicle needs.

Kelly Klee helps you search for beneficial coverages such as the agreed value option, which allows you to set an agreed-upon amount on your vehicle.

In the event of a total loss, you’ll receive this amount, no matter how much time has passed.

If you own a classic car, another advantage to specialty insurance is the ability to choose original parts for your replacement needs, instead of knockoff parts that impact the value of your vehicle.

What’s the Cost of Car Insurance for an Under-25 Male?

Age raises many concerns for insurance companies because younger drivers are less experienced behind the wheel and statistically more likely to file claims.

Insurance companies also see male drivers as higher risks, as they’re more likely to engage in dangerous behavior while driving.

Crash fatality facts back this up, with a reported 71 percent of all auto accident fatality victims being male in 2016.

The age group with the highest death toll was males between 20 and 24.

Higher premiums for men under-25 make financial sense to insurance providers.

However, age and inexperience aren’t the only things used to determine the cost of an under-25 male’s insurance.

Numerous factors go into calculating your final price, and insurance providers use a complex mathematical algorithm to arrive at the final figure.

Some factors that affect under-25 males’ insurance rates include:

  • Marital status
  • Vehicle type
  • Safety features
  • Security devices
  • Where you live
  • Garaging habits
  • Annual mileage
  • Accident history
  • Driving record
  • Credit score

It is possible to get an affordable insurance policy for a young man under-25.

Shopping around and getting several quotes from different providers returns a wide range of rates.

To get an idea of how much your specific insurance might cost, we looked at the average car insurance cost calculated by California’s Department of Insurance, as this is the most populous state in the U.S.

A single male under-25 living in the Alhambra area of Los Angeles County who has been licensed for six to eight years, drives a Toyota Camry or equivalent approximately 12,600 to 15,000 annually, and has no violations on his driving record, could expect to pay between $838 to $3,191 for basic liability coverage with an average rate of $1,549. (For more information, read our “Cheap Car Insurance in Los Angeles“).

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For comparison purposes, we added one speeding ticket and an at-fault accident to this same driver.

His average rate increased to $3,069 with a range of $1,523 to $6,793.

The above example shows the importance of a clean driving record, especially for under-25 males.

How To Save On Car Insurance For An Under 25 Male Driver

It’s a firmly held belief that guys love their cars.

This expectation leads some under-25 males to choose fast, flashy models that translate to higher insurance rates.

Avoid vehicles with big engines and lots of horsepower, which could tempt you to push speed limits or engage in reckless driving. As you might expect, the cost to insure a Lamborghini isn’t exactly cheap.

Sedans and small to midsize SUVs are usually cheaper to insure, but always compare insurance costs before you buy a new car.

Also check out safety ratings, because choosing a safer vehicle can dramatically affect the price of your insurance as well.

Keep A Clean Driving Record

Since your age is already counting against you, it’s imperative you keep your driving record clean.

Steer clear of behavior that could lead to a citation, especially drinking and driving.

DUIs cause the highest increase in your premium and take years to fall off your driving record.

A good driving record helps keep your premium down, so always drive safely and responsibly, wear your seat belt, and obey speed limits.

Other ways to reduce the cost of your insurance include:

  • Bundling
  • Raising deductibles
  • Moving to a less urban area
  • Improving your credit score (in most states)
  • Reducing optional insurance on older vehicles such as comprehensive and collision
  • Installing safety features and security devices
  • Getting all the available discounts

When you’re ready to shop around for the best car insurance for under-25 males, be prepared to supply pertinent information to potential providers.

Even if you’re receiving a significant loyalty discount with your current provider, randomly request quotes from other insurance companies to make sure you’re still getting the best car insurance for under-25 males.

Compare actual savings between all available discounts from each carrier, especially those that provide multiple discounts.